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Natural Springs Camp - Nazareth Brook
Name Territory Feature
Natural Springs Camp South AustraliaCampsite
Naturalist Peak TasmaniaMountain peak
Naturaliste Canyon Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Channel Western AustraliaOffshore Channel
Naturaliste Downs Western AustraliaHomestead
Naturaliste Fracture Zone Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Knoll Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Plateau Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Reefs Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Reefs Western AustraliaReef
Naturaliste Ridge Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Ridge Western AustraliaFarm
Naturaliste Trough Not applicableBathymetric
Naturaliste Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Naturalists Beach Western AustraliaBeach
Naturalists Island Western AustraliaIsland
Naturally Farm South AustraliaHomestead
Nature Park Australian Capital TerritoryReserve
Natureland Zoo New South WalesHistorical site
Naturi Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Naturi Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Naturi Trig South AustraliaTrig station
Naturi South AustraliaHomestead
Naturi VictoriaHomestead
Naturi South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Natya Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Natya VictoriaRailway station
Nauarango Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Naughton Creek Western AustraliaStream
Naughton Plantation South AustraliaReserve
Naughton Track VictoriaTrack (walking)
Naughton Well South AustraliaBore
Naughtons Gap Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Naughtons Gap New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Naughtons Gap New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Naughtons Gap New South WalesPass
Naughtons Gap New South WalesTrig station
Naughty Chief Lodge South AustraliaHomestead
Naughty Girl Creek QueenslandStream
Nauiyu Northern TerritoryLocality (bounded)
Nauiyu Northern TerritoryLocality (bounded)
Naukalunyana Station South AustraliaHomestead
Naumai QueenslandHomestead
Naunenup Creek Western AustraliaStream
Naunenup Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Naunenup Springs Western AustraliaHomestead
Naunton New South WalesParish
Naunton QueenslandParish
Nautilus Bay TasmaniaBays & Gulfs
Nautilus Beach South AustraliaBeach
Nautilus Cove TasmaniaCove
Nautilus South AustraliaHomestead
Navaho Creek TasmaniaStream
Naval Action Bore Northern TerritoryBore
Naval Action Dam Northern TerritoryDam
Naval Action Hill Northern TerritoryHill
Naval Base Western AustraliaSuburb
Naval Memorial Park Western AustraliaReserve
Naval Military and Air Force Club South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Naval Reserve Bank QueenslandBank
Navallee VictoriaHomestead
Navan South AustraliaHomestead
Navan South AustraliaHomestead
Navan Western AustraliaHomestead
Navan South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Navarine Reef TasmaniaReef
Navarino Park South AustraliaHomestead
Navarino New South WalesHomestead
Navarino South AustraliaHomestead
Navarra QueenslandHomestead
Navarre Community Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Navarre Community Park VictoriaGOLF
Navarre Creek QueenslandStream
Navarre Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Navarre Hill VictoriaHill
Navarre Park Western AustraliaReserve
Navarre Plains TasmaniaPlain
Navarre Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Navarre Recreation Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Navarre River Bridge TasmaniaBridge
Navarre River TasmaniaStream
Navarre Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Navarre QueenslandHomestead
Navarre VictoriaParish
Naven Creek QueenslandStream
Navena New South WalesHomestead
Navena QueenslandHomestead
Navens Creek New South WalesStream
Navens Gully New South WalesStream
Navies Creek New South WalesStream
Navigation Creek New South WalesStream
Navigation Creek VictoriaStream
Navigation Creek VictoriaStream
Navigation Creek VictoriaStream
Navigation Creek VictoriaStream
Navigators Park Australian Capital TerritoryReserve
Navillus Downs South AustraliaHomestead
Navillus Park New South WalesHomestead
Navillus QueenslandHomestead
Navillus South AustraliaHomestead
Navina New South WalesParish
Navua Reserve New South WalesReserve
Navvies Creek New South WalesStream
Navvies Hole Dam South AustraliaDam
Navvy Station South AustraliaHomestead
Navvys Creek New South WalesStream
Navvys Hill VictoriaHill
Navy Rise Western AustraliaHill
Nawakulyana Ridge South AustraliaRidge
Nawamalayu Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Nawamalayu Swamp Northern TerritorySwamp
Nawaparr Gorge Northern TerritoryGorge
Nawarlbur Swamp Northern TerritorySwamp
Nawarlbur Waterhole Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Naweena South AustraliaHomestead
Nawnewaurtoatowanie Lagoon South AustraliaLake
Naya Tower Trig South AustraliaTrig station
Nayarnpi Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Nayler Corner VictoriaBend
Naylor New South WalesParish
Naylors Creek New South WalesStream
Nayook Cottage South AustraliaHomestead
Nayook Creek New South WalesStream
Nayook Estate South AustraliaHomestead
Nayook Secondary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nayook West VictoriaParish
Nayook South AustraliaHomestead
Nayook South AustraliaHomestead
Nayook VictoriaParish
Nazareth Brook Western AustraliaStream

Source: Geoscience Australia

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