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Northmead Gully - Noyunurkoo Hill
Name Territory Feature
Northmead Gully New South WalesStream
Northmead High School New South WalesSchool
Northmead Public School New South WalesSchool
Northmead Reserve New South WalesReserve
Northmead New South WalesSuburb
Northmyee New South WalesHomestead
Northolm TasmaniaHomestead
Northonopine Rock Western AustraliaRock
Northover Soak Western AustraliaNative well
Northridge Creek TasmaniaStream
Norths Creek QueenslandStream
Norths Hill TasmaniaHill
Norths Lookout New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Norths Lookout New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Norths Pit VictoriaSandspit
Norths New South WalesHomestead
Northshore Church Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Northside Hill South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Northumberland Gully VictoriaStream
Northumberland Islands National Park QueenslandReserve
Northumberland Islands QueenslandIsland
Northumberland Rock Western AustraliaRock
Northumberland New South WalesAdministrative
Northumberland QueenslandParish
Northumbria Hill TasmaniaHill
Northumbria Marsh TasmaniaSwamp
Northumbria TasmaniaHomestead
Northurst VictoriaHomestead
Northville New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Northway Christian Centre Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Northwest Bellona Reef Not applicableBathymetric
Northwest Christian Fellowship Church Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Northwest Point QueenslandPoint
Northwest Rock Western AustraliaRock
Northwest Spur Walking Track VictoriaTrack (walking)
Northwest Spur VictoriaRidge
Northwich Western AustraliaHomestead
Northwood Hill VictoriaHill
Northwood Park Stud VictoriaHomestead
Northwood Park New South WalesReserve
Northwood Wharf New South WalesPier
Northwood New South WalesHomestead
Northwood QueenslandHomestead
Northwood Western AustraliaHomestead
Northwood VictoriaParish
Northwood New South WalesSuburb
Norton Creek QueenslandStream
Norton Creek TasmaniaStream
Norton Creek VictoriaStream
Norton Dam South AustraliaDam
Norton Dam Western AustraliaDam
Norton Flat VictoriaPlain
Norton Gully VictoriaStream
Norton Mandeville TasmaniaHomestead
Norton Neck TasmaniaPoint
Norton Park VictoriaGOLF
Norton Park South AustraliaHomestead
Norton Park VictoriaHomestead
Norton Park South AustraliaReserve
Norton Park VictoriaReserve
Norton Plains Western AustraliaPlain
Norton Point QueenslandPoint
Norton Spit QueenslandSandspit
Norton Summit Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Norton Summit Primary School South AustraliaSchool
Norton Summit South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Norton New South WalesHomestead
Norton QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Norton New South WalesParish
Norton QueenslandParish
Nortons Basin New South WalesWaterhole
Nortons Bore Western AustraliaBore
Nortons Creek New South WalesStream
Nortons Creek New South WalesStream
Nortons Creek QueenslandStream
Nortons Gully New South WalesStream
Nortons Park VictoriaGOLF
Norup Western AustraliaFarm
Norval Convention Centre VictoriaBuilt Structures
Norval Green VictoriaReserve
Norval QueenslandParish
Norvalde South AustraliaHomestead
Norvic Western AustraliaHomestead
Norville QueenslandSuburb
Norway Creek TasmaniaStream
Norway Range TasmaniaRange
Norway State Forest New South WalesForest
Norway New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Norway New South WalesParish
Norway New South WalesTrig station
Norwegian Bay Western AustraliaBays & Gulfs
Norwegian Rock HeardRock
Norwell QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Norwest Bank Dams South AustraliaDam
Norwest Whaling Jetty Western AustraliaPier
Norwich Downs Western AustraliaHomestead
Norwich Park QueenslandHomestead
Norwich Park QueenslandRailway station
Norwich TasmaniaHomestead
Norwich QueenslandParish
Norwin (Jondaryan Shire) QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Norwin (Pittsworth Shire) QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Norwin QueenslandRailway station
Norwood Avenue Post Office TasmaniaBuilt Structures
Norwood Bushland Park TasmaniaReserve
Norwood Creek QueenslandStream
Norwood Creek QueenslandStream
Norwood Department of Further Education South AustraliaSchool
Norwood High School South AustraliaSchool
Norwood Hill VictoriaTrig station
Norwood Infant School South AustraliaSchool
Norwood Institute South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Norwood Oval South AustraliaReserve
Norwood Park New South WalesHomestead
Norwood Pioneers Memorial Park South AustraliaReserve
Norwood Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Norwood Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Norwood Primary School South AustraliaSchool
Norwood Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Norwood Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Norwood Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Norwood Secondary College VictoriaBuilt Structures
Norwood Senior School South AustraliaSchool
Norwood Town Hall Civic Centre South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Norwood VictoriaBuilt Structures
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood New South WalesHomestead
Norwood QueenslandHomestead
Norwood QueenslandHomestead
Norwood TasmaniaHomestead
Norwood TasmaniaHomestead
Norwood VictoriaHomestead
Norwood New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Norwood QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Norwood QueenslandParish
Norwood QueenslandParish
Norwood QueenslandParish
Norwood South AustraliaSuburb
Norwood TasmaniaSuburb
Norwood New South WalesTrig station
Nose Gully New South WalesStream
Nose Point South AustraliaPoint
Nosebag Gully New South WalesStream
Noseda Creek Western AustraliaStream
Noske South AustraliaHomestead
Nosnillor QueenslandHomestead
Nosredna South AustraliaHomestead
Noss VictoriaHomestead
Nossal High School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nost Island Australian Antarctic TerritoryIsland
Nostone Creek QueenslandStream
Nota Bene Creek QueenslandStream
Nota Creek QueenslandStream
Notabilis Hill Western AustraliaHill
Notawurri Park South AustraliaHomestead
Notch Creek South AustraliaStream
Notch Hill QueenslandHill
Notch Hill VictoriaHill
Notch Island VictoriaIsland
Notch Mountain QueenslandMountain
Notch Peak Northern TerritoryMountain peak
Notch Peak QueenslandMountain peak
Notch Point QueenslandPoint
Notch Point Western AustraliaPoint
Notch Weir Western AustraliaDam
Notherwono Lagoon New South WalesWaterhole
Nothofagus Canyon New South WalesBathymetric
Nothofagus Cave TasmaniaCave
Nothofagus Mountain New South WalesMountain
Notice Creek QueenslandStream
Notley Fern Gorge TasmaniaGorge
Notley Gorge State Reserve TasmaniaReserve
Notley Hills TasmaniaHill
Notley Hills TasmaniaSuburb
Notleys Hill New South WalesHill
Notre Dame Abbey VictoriaBuilt Structures
Notre Dame D'Avor South AustraliaWreck
Notre Dame School Western AustraliaSchool
Notrella New South WalesHomestead
Nott Hill South AustraliaHill
Nott Island South AustraliaIsland
Nott Oval New South WalesReserve
Notting Dam South AustraliaDam
Notting Hill Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Notting Western AustraliaRailway station
Nottingham Creek New South WalesStream
Nottingham Creek QueenslandStream
Nottingham Downs QueenslandHomestead
Nottingham Park New South WalesHomestead
Nottingham QueenslandParish
Notts Hill New South WalesHill
Notts Ridge New South WalesRidge
Notts Swamp New South WalesSwamp
Notts Well Primary School South AustraliaSchool
Notts Well South AustraliaBore
Notts Well South AustraliaHomestead
Notts Well South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Notts New South WalesTrig station
Notuck Hill TasmaniaHill
Notus Downs QueenslandHomestead
Noualla Community Western AustraliaCommune
Nouben Point New South WalesPoint
Nouben New South WalesPoint
Noulanans Arm New South WalesStream
Noumea Public School New South WalesSchool
Noumea New South WalesHomestead
Noumea New South WalesTrig station
Nounena Mine Western AustraliaMine
Nour Nour Forest Reserve QueenslandForest
Nour Nour QueenslandParish
Nourlangie Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Nourlangie Landing Ground Northern TerritoryAirfields
Nourlangie Rock Northern TerritoryHill
Nourlangie Northern TerritoryCommune
Nourning Well Western AustraliaBore
Nova Bank Not applicableBathymetric
Nova Park South AustraliaHomestead
Nova Scotia Australian Capital TerritoryHomestead
Nova South AustraliaHomestead
Novak Park South AustraliaHomestead
Novar Gardens Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Novar Gardens South AustraliaSuburb
Novar New South WalesHomestead
Novar New South WalesHomestead
Novara Beach Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Novara Knoll Not applicableBathymetric
Novice New South WalesTrig station
Novo Gully QueenslandStream
Now and Again Well Western AustraliaBore
Nowa Nowa Arm VictoriaReach
Nowa Nowa Post Office VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nowa Nowa Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nowa Nowa Public Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nowa Nowa Recreation Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Nowa Nowa South VictoriaParish
Nowa Nowa VictoriaBuilt Structures
Nowa Nowa VictoriaPLCE
Nowa Nowa VictoriaParish
Nowa Nowa VictoriaRailway station
Nowackis Swamp VictoriaSwamp
Nowambah River New South WalesStream
Nowandory New South WalesHomestead
Nowcrellup Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Nowendoc Falls New South WalesWaterfall
Nowendoc House New South WalesHomestead
Nowendoc River New South WalesStream
Nowendoc State Forest New South WalesForest
Nowendoc New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Nowendoc New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Nowendoc New South WalesParish
Nowergup Lake Western AustraliaLake
Nowergup Western AustraliaRailway station
Nowergup Western AustraliaSuburb
Nowerkin Western AustraliaHomestead
Nowerquin Well Western AustraliaBore
Nowgarrie Well Western AustraliaBore
Nowhere Creek VictoriaStream
Nowhere Else Cottage South AustraliaHomestead
Nowhere Else Dam Western AustraliaDam
Nowhere Else Huts South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Nowhere Else Swamp VictoriaSwamp
Nowhere Else Well South AustraliaBore
Nowhere Else Western AustraliaHomestead
Nowhere Else TasmaniaLocality (unbounded)
Nowhere Else TasmaniaSuburb
Nowhere Else TasmaniaValley
Nowhere Yards Western AustraliaYard
Nowhere-Else South AustraliaHomestead
Nowheres Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Nowie Lake New South WalesLake
Nowie VictoriaParish
Nowillilla South AustraliaHomestead
Nowingi VictoriaParish
Nowingi VictoriaRailway station
Nowlan Park New South WalesReserve
Nowland New South WalesParish
Nowlands Backwater New South WalesStream
Nowlands Creek New South WalesStream
Nowlands Creek New South WalesStream
Nowlands Creek New South WalesStream
Nowlands Falls New South WalesWaterfall
Nowlands Gap New South WalesPass
Nowlands Gully New South WalesStream
Nowlands Hill New South WalesHill
Nowlans Lagoon New South WalesLake
Nowley Bore New South WalesBore
Nowley New South WalesHomestead
Nowley New South WalesHomestead
Nowley New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Nowley New South WalesParish
Nowong New South WalesParish
Nowra Apex Park New South WalesReserve
Nowra Creek New South WalesStream
Nowra East Public School New South WalesSchool
Nowra High School New South WalesSchool
Nowra Hill Public School New South WalesSchool
Nowra Hill New South WalesHill
Nowra Hill New South WalesSuburb
Nowra Post Office New South WalesBuilt Structures
Nowra Public School New South WalesSchool
Nowra Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Nowra South High School New South WalesSchool
Nowra State Forest New South WalesForest
Nowra Western AustraliaHomestead
Nowra New South WalesPOPL
Nowra New South WalesParish
Nowra New South WalesSuburb
Nowra New South WalesTrig station
Nowra New South WalesUrban area
Nowranie Creek New South WalesStream
Nowranie Creek QueenslandStream
Nowranie Water Facility QueenslandBore
Nowranie QueenslandHomestead
Nowranie New South WalesParish
Nowranie QueenslandParish
Nowrong Well Western AustraliaBore
Nowthanna Hill Microwave Repeater Statio Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Nowthanna Hill Western AustraliaHill
Nowthanna Well Western AustraliaBore
Nowumbup Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Nowyeo VictoriaParish
Noxs Creek New South WalesStream
Noxs Nick New South WalesStream
Noya Plantation South AustraliaReserve
Noya Reserve South AustraliaReserve
Noyeau Dam New South WalesDam
Noyeau Hollow New South WalesStream
Noyes Creek TasmaniaStream
Noyes Hill TasmaniaHill
Noyhener Beach TasmaniaBeach
Noyne Noyne Bore Western AustraliaBore
Noyne Noyne Well Western AustraliaBore
Noyong VictoriaParish
Noys Corner QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Noyumboon New South WalesHomestead
Noyunurkoo Hill South AustraliaHill

Source: Geoscience Australia

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