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Patchewollock - Paywit
Name Territory Feature
Patchewollock VictoriaPLCE
Patchewollock VictoriaParish
Patchewollock VictoriaRailway station
Patchiemellum Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Patchina Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Patching Creek QueenslandStream
Patchs Beach New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Patchwork Park South AustraliaHomestead
Patchwork Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Patchy Creek QueenslandStream
Patchy Flat Diggings VictoriaMine
Patchy Flat VictoriaPlain
Pateanbury South AustraliaHomestead
Pateena Bridge TasmaniaBridge
Pateena TasmaniaDistrict
Pateince Hill South AustraliaHill
Patemans Dam New South WalesDam
Patent Wheel Well Western AustraliaBore
Paterbin Water Facility QueenslandBore
Paternostro Glacier Australian Antarctic TerritoryGlacier
Paterre New South WalesHomestead
Paterson Beach Western AustraliaBeach
Paterson Bore Western AustraliaBore
Paterson Bridge TasmaniaBridge
Paterson Creek QueenslandStream
Paterson Creek QueenslandStream
Paterson Creek QueenslandStream
Paterson Creek QueenslandStream
Paterson Creek QueenslandStream
Paterson Hill New South WalesHill
Paterson Islands Australian Antarctic TerritoryIsland
Paterson Main Ridge New South WalesRidge
Paterson Park New South WalesReserve
Paterson Park Northern TerritoryReserve
Paterson Point New South WalesHill
Paterson Point Northern TerritoryPoint
Paterson Post Office New South WalesBuilt Structures
Paterson Public School New South WalesSchool
Paterson Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Paterson Range Western AustraliaRange
Paterson Range New South WalesRidge
Paterson Reserve New South WalesReserve
Paterson River New South WalesStream
Paterson Shoal QueenslandShoal
Paterson Sportsground New South WalesReserve
Paterson Well Western AustraliaBore
Paterson New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Paterson QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Paterson New South WalesPOPL
Paterson QueenslandParish
Paterson QueenslandRailway station
Paterson New South WalesUrban area
Patersonia Island Western AustraliaIsland
Patersonia Rivulet TasmaniaStream
Patersonia TasmaniaSuburb
Patersons Arch TasmaniaCave
Patersons Dam Western AustraliaDam
Patersons Island TasmaniaIsland
Pathangoona Tank Western AustraliaTank
Pathara VictoriaHomestead
Pathfinder Group Western AustraliaMine
Pathilda Reserve New South WalesReserve
Pathlone QueenslandHomestead
Patho Cemetery VictoriaCemetery
Patho Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Patho Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Patho VictoriaParish
Patho VictoriaRailway station
Pathraootara Creek South AustraliaStream
Pathraootara Lake South AustraliaLake
Pathungra Creek QueenslandStream
Pathungra QueenslandHomestead
Patian South AustraliaHomestead
Patience Creek QueenslandStream
Patience Hill South AustraliaHill
Patience Park New South WalesReserve
Patience Point Northern TerritoryPoint
Patience Well Western AustraliaBore
Patilkatunya Creek South AustraliaStream
Patilkatunya Hill South AustraliaHill
Patilkatunya Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Patineaux Rocks South AustraliaRock
Patjarr Community Western AustraliaCommune
Patmores Cave TasmaniaCave
Patmungala Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Paton Bay TasmaniaBays & Gulfs
Paton Creek TasmaniaStream
Paton Downs QueenslandHomestead
Paton QueenslandParish
Paton New South WalesTrig station
Patonga (Airstrip) Northern TerritoryCommune
Patonga (Homestead) Northern TerritoryCommune
Patonga Beach New South WalesBeach
Patonga Beach New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Patonga Creek New South WalesStream
Patonga Park New South WalesReserve
Patonga Wharf New South WalesPier
Patonga Northern TerritoryCampsite
Patonga New South WalesPOPL
Patonga New South WalesParish
Patonga New South WalesSuburb
Patons Creek New South WalesStream
Patons Creek New South WalesStream
Patons River TasmaniaStream
Patons Spring QueenslandStream
Patpa Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Patpoori Sanctuary South AustraliaReserve
Patpoori South AustraliaMountain
Patriarch Inlet TasmaniaCove
Patriarch River TasmaniaStream
Patriarchs Conservation Area TasmaniaReserve
Patricia Bore South AustraliaBore
Patricia Bore South AustraliaBore
Patricia Downs Farm Western AustraliaHomestead
Patricia Downs QueenslandHomestead
Patricia Farm Western AustraliaHomestead
Patricia Gardner Reserve New South WalesReserve
Patricia Island Western AustraliaIsland
Patricia Johnson Hills South AustraliaHill
Patricia Locke Range Western AustraliaRange
Patricia Park QueenslandHomestead
Patricia Western AustraliaMine
Patricia QueenslandParish
Patrician New South WalesHomestead
Patricias Bore Western AustraliaBore
Patrick Bore Western AustraliaBore
Patrick Creek QueenslandStream
Patrick Estate QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Patrick Gully New South WalesStream
Patrick Newman Park New South WalesReserve
Patrick Park QueenslandHomestead
Patrick Park QueenslandHomestead
Patrick Plains New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Patrick Plains New South WalesTrig station
Patrick Point Australian Antarctic TerritoryPoint
Patrick River Western AustraliaStream
Patrick QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Patricks Bay TasmaniaBays & Gulfs
Patricks Bight TasmaniaBight
Patricks Creek New South WalesStream
Patricks Creek TasmaniaStream
Patricks Crossing QueenslandFord
Patricks Day VictoriaHomestead
Patricks Plains New South WalesPlain
Patricks River New South WalesStream
Patritti Winery South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Patritti Winery South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Patrol Point VictoriaPoint
Patroy QueenslandHomestead
Pats Arm New South WalesStream
Pats Arm New South WalesStream
Pats Bay New South WalesBays & Gulfs
Pats Bluff QueenslandCliff
Pats Bore Western AustraliaBore
Pats Creek New South WalesStream
Pats Creek New South WalesStream
Pats Creek QueenslandStream
Pats Flat New South WalesPlain
Pats Gully New South WalesStream
Pats Head New South WalesPoint
Pats Hill TasmaniaHill
Pats Hill VictoriaHill
Pats Hole Dam Northern TerritoryDam
Pats Hole Well South AustraliaBore
Pats Hole South AustraliaWaterhole
Pats Landing Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Pats Lookout Northern TerritoryHill
Pats Marsh TasmaniaSwamp
Pats Park Motorcycle Track South AustraliaRacetrack
Pats Plain South AustraliaPlain
Pats River TasmaniaStream
Pats Saddle TasmaniaHill
Pats Sandhill New South WalesHill
Pats Tarn TasmaniaLake
Patsie Tank Western AustraliaTank
Patsy Bore Western AustraliaBore
Patsy Creek New South WalesStream
Patsy Creek South AustraliaStream
Patsy Creek Western AustraliaStream
Patsy Creek Western AustraliaStream
Patsy Dam South AustraliaDam
Patsy Hill South AustraliaHill
Patsy Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Patsy Ryan's Cottage South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Patsy Springs South AustraliaSpring
Patt Dam South AustraliaDam
Patt Rock Nature Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Patt Rock Western AustraliaRock
Patt Well South AustraliaBore
Pattangga South AustraliaHomestead
Pattangga South AustraliaHomestead
Pattatan Hill South AustraliaHill
Pattawilya South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Pattawilyangga South AustraliaStream
Pattemore Lagoon New South WalesLake
Patten Point TasmaniaPoint
Pattens Hill VictoriaHill
Patterdale Creek TasmaniaStream
Patterdale TasmaniaHomestead
Patterdale QueenslandParish
Patterned Lake Australian Antarctic TerritoryWaterhole
Patterns Well Western AustraliaBore
Patterson Bore And Yard Northern TerritoryBore
Patterson Dam No 18 South AustraliaDam
Patterson Gardens VictoriaReserve
Patterson Gorge Western AustraliaGorge
Patterson Hill South AustraliaHill
Patterson Hill South AustraliaHill
Patterson Lakes Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Patterson Lakes Recreation Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Patterson Park VictoriaGOLF
Patterson Park VictoriaGOLF
Patterson Point New South WalesPoint
Patterson River Secondary College Bonbeach Campus VictoriaBuilt Structures
Patterson River VictoriaStream
Patterson Rock Australian Antarctic TerritoryRock
Patterson Shoals Western AustraliaShoal
Patterson Sportsground South AustraliaReserve
Patterson Swamp Channel VictoriaOffshore Channel
Patterson Water Facility QueenslandBore
Patterson Well New South WalesTank
Patterson New South WalesParish
Patterson New South WalesParish
Patterson New South WalesParish
Patterson New South WalesParish
Patterson New South WalesParish
Patterson VictoriaRailway station
Pattersons Bend New South WalesBend
Pattersons Creek New South WalesStream
Pattersons Creek TasmaniaStream
Pattersons Creek VictoriaStream
Pattersons Flats TasmaniaPlain
Pattersons Hill New South WalesHill
Pattersons Hill TasmaniaHill
Pattersons Hut Well Western AustraliaBore
Pattersons Scrub New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Pattersons Swamp New South WalesSwamp
Pattersons Well Western AustraliaBore
Patterton Accommodation House South AustraliaRuin
Patterton Creek South AustraliaStream
Patterton Hill South AustraliaHill
Patterton Lookout South AustraliaHill
Patterton Spring South AustraliaSpring
Pattie River Northern TerritoryStream
Pattimores Lagoon New South WalesLake
Pattison New South WalesHomestead
Pattison QueenslandParish
Pattison New South WalesTrig station
Pattons Creek New South WalesStream
Patts Dam South AustraliaDam
Patts Gully New South WalesStream
Patty Creek VictoriaStream
Patty Hill Northern TerritoryHill
Patty Mine VictoriaMine
Patty Well Northern TerritoryBore
Paturba Bore South AustraliaBore
Paturba Dam South AustraliaDam
Paturba Tank South AustraliaTank
Patutyah New South WalesParish
Patyah VictoriaBuilt Structures
Patyah VictoriaHomestead
Pauciflora Flat VictoriaPlain
Pauk Lake Australian Antarctic TerritoryWaterhole
Paul Bland Reserve New South WalesReserve
Paul Bore Western AustraliaBore
Paul Calderon Reserve New South WalesReserve
Paul Creek South AustraliaStream
Paul Creek South AustraliaStream
Paul Creek Western AustraliaStream
Paul Dam South AustraliaDam
Paul Dam South AustraliaDam
Paul Dam South AustraliaDam
Paul Garnett Oval Western AustraliaGOLF
Paul Gully South AustraliaStream
Paul Harris Memorial Lookout New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Paul Hasluck Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Paul Hester Walk VictoriaTrack (walking)
Paul Huckin Park VictoriaGOLF
Paul Jetty VictoriaPier
Paul Keating Park New South WalesReserve
Paul Landa Park New South WalesReserve
Paul Landa Reserve New South WalesReserve
Paul Larkings Recreation Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Paul Oval New South WalesReserve
Paul Range VictoriaRange
Paul Reef QueenslandReef
Paul Robinson Park Western AustraliaGOLF
Paul Valley Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Paul Well South AustraliaBore
Paul Well South AustraliaBore
Paul Well Western AustraliaBore
Paul Well Western AustraliaBore
Paul Well Western AustraliaBore
Paul QueenslandParish
Paulding Bay Australian Antarctic TerritoryBays & Gulfs
Paulet QueenslandParish
Paulets Wines South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Pauline Bay Western AustraliaBays & Gulfs
Pauline Bore South AustraliaBore
Pauline Bore South AustraliaBore
Pauline Creek QueenslandStream
Pauline Fields Park New South WalesReserve
Pauline Point TasmaniaPoint
Pauline Point TasmaniaPoint
Pauline Toner Butterfly Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Paull Consolidated Mine South AustraliaMine
Paull Dam South AustraliaDam
Paull North Extension Mine South AustraliaMine
Paull North Mine South AustraliaMine
Paull Well South AustraliaBore
Paullaloo Dam South AustraliaDam
Paulls Consolidated Mine South AustraliaMine
Paulls North Extension Mine South AustraliaMine
Paulls Valley Western AustraliaSuburb
Paulls Whim Well South AustraliaBore
Pauls Bore Western AustraliaBore
Pauls Creek New South WalesStream
Pauls Creek New South WalesStream
Pauls Creek New South WalesStream
Pauls Creek New South WalesStream
Pauls Creek VictoriaStream
Pauls Grass New South WalesMountain
Pauls Hill TasmaniaHill
Pauls Hill VictoriaHill
Pauls Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Pauls Lookout New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Pauls Pass New South WalesPass
Pauls Pocket QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Pauls Swamp Western AustraliaSwamp
Pauls Waterhole New South WalesWaterhole
Pauls Whim Well South AustraliaBore
Paulsen Mine Western AustraliaMine
Paulvue QueenslandHomestead
Paulys Hills TasmaniaHill
Paulyunerup Brook Western AustraliaStream
Paunia Well Western AustraliaBore
Paupalthung Point South AustraliaPoint
Paupers Well Northern TerritoryBore
Paupong New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Pavement Bluff TasmaniaMountain
Pavement Hill Western AustraliaHill
Pavement Point TasmaniaPoint
Pavement Rock Western AustraliaRock
Pavida South AustraliaHomestead
Pavilion Point TasmaniaPoint
Pavo Park New South WalesReserve
Pavy Creek South AustraliaStream
Pavy Gully South AustraliaStream
Pavy's Plunge South AustraliaCave
Paw Paw Creek VictoriaStream
Paw Paw Homeland South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Paw Paw Plain VictoriaPlain
Paw Paw Spring Northern TerritorySpring
Pawbymbyr VictoriaParish
Pawella QueenslandParish
Pawer South AustraliaStream
Pawleena Reservoir TasmaniaLake
Pawleena TasmaniaSuburb
Pawn Flat Cave South AustraliaCave
Pawngilly QueenslandRailway station
Pawnshop Well Western AustraliaBore
Pawtella TasmaniaSuburb
Pax Hill Scout Camp VictoriaCampsite
Paxlease South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Paxton Bluff South AustraliaCliff
Paxton Bore South AustraliaBore
Paxton Public School New South WalesSchool
Paxton Shoal QueenslandShoal
Paxton Square Cottages South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Paxton New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Paxton New South WalesPOPL
Paxton New South WalesUrban area
Payaleena Cave TasmaniaCave
Payara Well Western AustraliaBore
Payeperrentye (B) Northern TerritoryCommune
Payera New South WalesParish
Payne Bay TasmaniaBays & Gulfs
Payne Car Park South AustraliaReserve
Payne Creek TasmaniaStream
Payne Gully Western AustraliaStream
Payne Island Northern TerritoryIsland
Payne Lagoon QueenslandLagoon
Payne Nature Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Payne Oval New South WalesReserve
Payne Park Western AustraliaGOLF
Payne Pass Western AustraliaPass
Payne Shoal QueenslandShoal
Payne Well Western AustraliaBore
Payne QueenslandRailway station
Paynedale Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Paynedale Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Payneham Community Centre South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Payneham Drainage Reserve No 1 South AustraliaReserve
Payneham Drainage Reserve No 2 South AustraliaReserve
Payneham Junior Primary School South AustraliaSchool
Payneham Library and Community Facilities Complex South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Payneham Oval South AustraliaReserve
Payneham Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Payneham Primary School South AustraliaSchool
Payneham Senior Citizens Centre South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Payneham South South AustraliaSuburb
Payneham Youth Centre South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Payneham South AustraliaSuburb
Paynes Accomodation House South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Paynes Arm New South WalesStream
Paynes Bay Western AustraliaBays & Gulfs
Paynes Bridge TasmaniaBridge
Paynes Bridge VictoriaBridge
Paynes Bridge VictoriaBridge
Paynes Creek New South WalesStream
Paynes Crossing New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Paynes Crusoe Western AustraliaMine
Paynes Find Mine Western AustraliaMine
Paynes Find Well Western AustraliaBore
Paynes Find Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Paynes Find Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Paynes Gully New South WalesStream
Paynes Gully New South WalesStream
Paynes Well Western AustraliaBore
Paynes South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Paynesville Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Paynesville Mine Western AustraliaMine
Paynesville Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Paynesville State Forest Western AustraliaForest
Paynesville VictoriaBuilt Structures
Paynesville Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Paynesville Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Paynesville VictoriaPOPL
Paynter Creek QueenslandStream
Paynters Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Paynters Siding New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Paynters Well Ne South AustraliaBore
Paynters Well South AustraliaBore
Paynton Downs QueenslandHomestead
Payten Park New South WalesReserve
Payten Reserve New South WalesReserve
Paytens Bridge Public School New South WalesSchool
Paytens Bridge New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Paytens Creek New South WalesStream
Payters Hill VictoriaHill
Paywit VictoriaParish

Source: Geoscience Australia

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