Australian Place Names Maps Alphabetically
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Yam Creek Bore - Yanthangarra Pool
Name Territory Feature
Yam Creek Bore Northern TerritoryBore
Yam Creek Mine Northern TerritoryMine
Yam Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yam Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yam Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yam Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yam Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yam Creek QueenslandStream
Yam Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yam Holes Creek VictoriaStream
Yam Island QueenslandIsland
Yam Island QueenslandUrban area
Yama VictoriaHomestead
Yamacutta Reef QueenslandReef
Yamada Waterhole Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yamadillup Soak Western AustraliaNative well
Yamagee Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yamagie Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yamahra Creek QueenslandStream
Yamala Park VictoriaGOLF
Yamala New South WalesHomestead
Yamala QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Yamala QueenslandParish
Yamala QueenslandRailway station
Yamalea New South WalesHomestead
Yamamilla Creek QueenslandStream
Yamanie Creek QueenslandStream
Yamanto QueenslandSuburb
Yamaramie New South WalesHomestead
Yamaranie New South WalesParish
Yamarina Well Western AustraliaBore
Yamarna Western AustraliaDistrict
Yamarna Western AustraliaHomestead
Yamba Beach New South WalesBeach
Yamba Channel New South WalesOffshore Channel
Yamba Creek New South WalesStream
Yamba Creek QueenslandStream
Yamba Dam Northern TerritoryDam
Yamba Lagoon QueenslandLagoon
Yamba Point New South WalesPoint
Yamba Point South AustraliaPoint
Yamba Post Office New South WalesBuilt Structures
Yamba Public School New South WalesSchool
Yamba Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yamba Station New South WalesHistorical site
Yamba Water Facility QueenslandBore
Yamba Watercourse New South WalesStream
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba New South WalesHomestead
Yamba South AustraliaHomestead
Yamba VictoriaHomestead
Yamba VictoriaHomestead
Yamba New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yamba South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yamba New South WalesPOPL
Yamba New South WalesParish
Yamba New South WalesPoint
Yamba New South WalesTrig station
Yambaccono QueenslandHomestead
Yambacollie QueenslandHomestead
Yambacoona Cowal New South WalesWaterhole
Yambacoona New South WalesHomestead
Yambacoona TasmaniaSuburb
Yambacuna Cowal New South WalesWaterhole
Yambacuna Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yambacuna New South WalesParish
Yambagunyah New South WalesHomestead
Yambah Landing Ground Northern TerritoryAirfields
Yambah Northern TerritoryHomestead
Yamballa New South WalesHomestead
Yamballup Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yamballup Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yambanya Well Western AustraliaBore
Yambaraba Island Western AustraliaIsland
Yambaranguyi Spring Northern TerritorySpring
Yambarra New South WalesHomestead
Yambarran Range Northern TerritoryRange
Yambarri Creek New South WalesStream
Yambeegoona VictoriaHomestead
Yamberra Mountains Northern TerritoryRange
Yamberthera Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yambiana New South WalesHomestead
Yambie Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yambie Swamp New South WalesStream
Yambie New South WalesHomestead
Yambilpa South AustraliaUNKN
Yambin New South WalesHomestead
Yambira Creek New South WalesStream
Yambira State Forest New South WalesForest
Yambira Sugarloaf New South WalesMountain
Yambira New South WalesParish
Yambira New South WalesTrig station
Yambla Basin New South WalesValley
Yambla Creek New South WalesStream
Yambla Creek New South WalesStream
Yambla Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yambla Dam Northern TerritoryDam
Yambla State Forest New South WalesForest
Yambla New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yambla New South WalesParish
Yambla New South WalesTrig station
Yamble Reserve New South WalesReserve
Yambo Creek QueenslandStream
Yambo QueenslandParish
Yambo New South WalesTrig station
Yambocully Creek QueenslandStream
Yambool Creek New South WalesStream
Yamboolah Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Yamboon Hill New South WalesHill
Yamboor New South WalesParish
Yamborah New South WalesHomestead
Yambore Creek QueenslandStream
Yambore QueenslandParish
Yamboyna QueenslandRailway station
Yambray South AustraliaHomestead
Yambu Thuddi New South WalesHomestead
Yambugle QueenslandParish
Yambuk Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yambuk Public Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yambuk Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yambuk VictoriaParish
Yambulla Creek New South WalesStream
Yambulla Creek VictoriaStream
Yambulla Flora Reserve New South WalesReserve
Yambulla Mountain New South WalesMountain
Yambulla Peak New South WalesMountain peak
Yambulla State Forest New South WalesForest
Yambulla New South WalesHomestead
Yambulla QueenslandHomestead
Yambulla New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yambulla New South WalesParish
Yambulla VictoriaParish
Yambuna Bridge VictoriaBridge
Yambuna Creek VictoriaStream
Yambuna Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yambuna Outfall VictoriaDrain
Yambungan QueenslandHomestead
Yambungan QueenslandParish
Yambunya New South WalesParish
Yamburgan QueenslandHomestead
Yambutta Creek QueenslandStream
Yambutta QueenslandHomestead
Yamby Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yamby West New South WalesParish
Yamby New South WalesParish
Yamelpoona South AustraliaWaterhole
Yamil VictoriaHomestead
Yaminba Creek New South WalesStream
Yaminba State Forest New South WalesForest
Yaminba New South WalesParish
Yaminyi Northern TerritoryCommune
Yamma Channel New South WalesOffshore Channel
Yamma Creek QueenslandStream
Yamma No 1 Channel New South WalesOffshore Channel
Yamma No 2 Channel New South WalesOffshore Channel
Yamma No 3 Channel New South WalesOffshore Channel
Yamma New South WalesHomestead
Yamma QueenslandHomestead
Yamma Western AustraliaHomestead
Yamma New South WalesParish
Yamma New South WalesParish
Yamma New South WalesParish
Yamma QueenslandParish
Yammadery Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yammadery Island Western AustraliaIsland
Yammagee Well Western AustraliaBore
Yammagingin QueenslandParish
Yammaling Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yammara Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yammatree Creek New South WalesStream
Yammera Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yammera Gap Western AustraliaPass
Yammerbook Nature Reserve VictoriaReserve
Yamo QueenslandParish
Yamooka Well Western AustraliaBore
Yamparra Rockhole Western AustraliaRockhole
Yampatjataranya South AustraliaClay Landform
Yampatjataranya South AustraliaHill
Yampatjataranya South AustraliaRockhole
Yampendong Well Western AustraliaBore
Yampi Park New South WalesReserve
Yampi Sound Western AustraliaSound
Yampi Well Western AustraliaBore
Yampin Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yampire Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yampire Gorge Western AustraliaGorge
Yampire Gorge Western AustraliaMine
Yampoola Creek New South WalesStream
Yampoola Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yampoola Waterhole New South WalesWaterhole
Yampoori South AustraliaRange
Yamsion QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Yamuti Ardupanha Ridge South AustraliaRidge
Yamuti Ardupanha South AustraliaRidge
Yamuti Cave South AustraliaCave
Yamuti Ithapi South AustraliaCave
Yan Yan Gurt Creek VictoriaStream
Yan Yan Gurt VictoriaHomestead
Yan Yan Gurt VictoriaParish
Yan Yan QueenslandHomestead
Yan Yan QueenslandParish
Yan Yan QueenslandRailway station
Yan Yanna Water South AustraliaSpring
Yan Yean Pipe Track VictoriaPIPE
Yan Yean Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yan Yean Reservoir VictoriaReservoir
Yan Yean QueenslandHomestead
Yan Yean VictoriaParish
Yanaba South AustraliaHomestead
Yanaby Dam South AustraliaDam
Yanac Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanac Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanac Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanac VictoriaRailway station
Yanac-A-Yanac Creek VictoriaStream
Yanac-A-Yanac Swamp VictoriaSwamp
Yanac-A-Yanac VictoriaParish
Yanagin South AustraliaHomestead
Yanakie Beach VictoriaBeach
Yanakie Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanakie Isthmus VictoriaIsthmus
Yanakie Public Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanakie South VictoriaParish
Yanakie VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yanakie VictoriaParish
Yanalah Creek QueenslandStream
Yanalah Mount QueenslandHomestead
Yanama Plain South AustraliaPlain
Yanama South AustraliaHomestead
Yananginj Njawi Gap (Victoria Gap) VictoriaPass
Yananginj Njawi Shelter VictoriaCave
Yananie Springs South AustraliaSpring
Yananna VictoriaHomestead
Yanarra South AustraliaUNKN
Yanatunkinna South AustraliaLake
Yanbacoochie Falls QueenslandWaterfall
Yanbakwa Creek Northern TerritoryStream
Yanbakwa Northern TerritoryCommune
Yanbee Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Yanboon Tank New South WalesTank
Yanborra QueenslandHomestead
Yanburaburil Lagoon Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Yanburra QueenslandHomestead
Yancannia Creek New South WalesStream
Yancannia Range New South WalesRange
Yancannia New South WalesHomestead
Yancannia New South WalesParish
Yancanya Creek New South WalesStream
Yancarraman New South WalesParish
Yancey Glacier Australian Antarctic TerritoryGlacier
Yanchep Beach Western AustraliaBeach
Yanchep Beach Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yanchep Cave Western AustraliaCave
Yanchep District High School Western AustraliaSchool
Yanchep Lagoon Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yanchep National Park Western AustraliaReserve
Yanchep Western AustraliaPOPL
Yanchep Western AustraliaSuburb
Yancho QueenslandParish
Yanchy Well Western AustraliaBore
Yanco Agricultural College and Research Station New South WalesSchool
Yanco Agricultural High School New South WalesSchool
Yanco Creek New South WalesStream
Yanco Glen New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yanco Irrigation Area New South WalesIRRA
Yanco Post Office New South WalesBuilt Structures
Yanco Public School New South WalesSchool
Yanco Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Yanco Weir New South WalesDam
Yanco QueenslandHomestead
Yanco QueenslandHomestead
Yanco New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yanco New South WalesPOPL
Yanco New South WalesTrig station
Yancowinna Creek New South WalesStream
Yancowinna East New South WalesParish
Yancowinna North New South WalesParish
Yancowinna New South WalesParish
Yancowinnia Creek New South WalesStream
Yanda Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yanda Creek New South WalesStream
Yanda Creek QueenslandStream
Yanda Plains Western AustraliaFarm
Yanda Watercourse New South WalesStream
Yanda New South WalesAdministrative
Yanda New South WalesHomestead
Yanda New South WalesHomestead
Yanda New South WalesHomestead
Yanda New South WalesParish
Yanda New South WalesParish
Yanda New South WalesParish
Yanda New South WalesParish
Yanda New South WalesTrig station
Yandaburra QueenslandHomestead
Yandagooge Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yandagooge Gap Western AustraliaPass
Yandagulla New South WalesParish
Yandagully Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yandailow Waterhole New South WalesWaterhole
Yandaja Clayhole Western AustraliaClay Landform
Yandal Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yandal Lagoon Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yandal Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandal Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandama Bore South AustraliaBore
Yandama Creek New South WalesStream
Yandama Creek South AustraliaStream
Yandama New South WalesHomestead
Yandama New South WalesParish
Yandama South AustraliaWaterhole
Yandamanna Creek New South WalesStream
Yandamanna Gully New South WalesStream
Yandaminta Creek New South WalesStream
Yandaminta New South WalesHomestead
Yandaminta New South WalesParish
Yandamurrinia Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yandan Creek QueenslandStream
Yandandarre Creek South AustraliaStream
Yandandarre Ridge South AustraliaRidge
Yandandarre Waterhole South AustraliaWaterhole
Yandangarra Soakage Western AustraliaNative well
Yandangoobin Rock Western AustraliaRock
Yandanjerry Dam Western AustraliaDam
Yandanoo Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yandanooka Estate Western AustraliaDistrict
Yandanooka Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yandanooka Hills Western AustraliaRange
Yandanooka Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yandanooka Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yandanooka Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yandanunyah Rockhole Western AustraliaRockhole
Yandara Chimney South AustraliaRuin
Yandara Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandaran Creek QueenslandStream
Yandaran Crossing QueenslandFord
Yandaran QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yandaran QueenslandParish
Yandaran QueenslandRailway station
Yandaran QueenslandUrban area
Yandarlo QueenslandHomestead
Yandarlo QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yandarloo QueenslandHomestead
Yandaroo Lake New South WalesLake
Yandaroo New South WalesHomestead
Yandaroo New South WalesHomestead
Yandaroo New South WalesParish
Yandavale Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandayarra Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandee Line Camp Western AustraliaCampsite
Yandee Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandegin Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yandel'ora Reserve New South WalesReserve
Yandell Reserve VictoriaGOLF
Yandella Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandembah New South WalesHomestead
Yandembah New South WalesParish
Yandenberry Hill New South WalesHill
Yandenberry Mountain New South WalesRidge
Yandenberry Ridge New South WalesRidge
Yandenberry New South WalesParish
Yandera New South WalesParish
Yanderby Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Yanderra Public School New South WalesSchool
Yanderra Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Yanderra New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yanderra New South WalesPOPL
Yandertarra Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yandes QueenslandHomestead
Yandeyarra Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yandeyarra Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yandeyarra Rem Com School Western AustraliaSchool
Yandeyarra Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandhalia Rockhole Western AustraliaRockhole
Yandhanoo Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yandhanoo Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandi Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yandi Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandi Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandi Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandi Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandi Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yandia Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandiah Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandiah Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yandiah Telephone Exchange South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandiah New South WalesHomestead
Yandicoodjina Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yandicoogina Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yandicoogina Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yandicoogina Mine Western AustraliaMine
Yandicoogina Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandicoogina Western AustraliaMine
Yandie Well and Tank Western AustraliaTank
Yandie Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandie Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandigalbara Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yandil Soak Western AustraliaNative well
Yandil Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandil Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandil Woolshed Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandil Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandilgunna Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yandilla (County of Aubigny) QueenslandParish
Yandilla (County of Derby) QueenslandParish
Yandilla New South WalesHomestead
Yandilla New South WalesHomestead
Yandilla New South WalesHomestead
Yandilla New South WalesHomestead
Yandilla QueenslandHomestead
Yandilla QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yandilla QueenslandRailway station
Yandilton Creek South AustraliaStream
Yandin Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yandina Creek QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yandina Creek QueenslandStream
Yandina Hill South AustraliaHill
Yandina Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandina VictoriaHomestead
Yandina Western AustraliaHomestead
Yandina QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yandina QueenslandPOPL
Yandina QueenslandRailway station
Yandina QueenslandUrban area
Yandinah Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandinga Camp South AustraliaCampsite
Yandinga Hill South AustraliaHill
Yandinga Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandinga Water South AustraliaWaterhole
Yandinga Wells South AustraliaBore
Yandinga Wells South AustraliaBore
Yandinhah Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandinilling Brook Western AustraliaStream
Yandinilling Nature Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Yando Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yando Public Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yandoit Creek VictoriaStream
Yandoit Fire Station VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yandoit Hill VictoriaHill
Yandoit Mechanics Hall VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yandoit Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yandoit VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yandoit VictoriaParish
Yandoo Creek Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yandoolka Well South AustraliaBore
Yandoon Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandooya New South WalesHomestead
Yandowie Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandowie Mines South AustraliaMine
Yandowie South AustraliaHomestead
Yandown Creek VictoriaStream
Yandra Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yandra Tank South AustraliaTank
Yandra Well South AustraliaBore
Yandra South AustraliaHomestead
Yandra South AustraliaHomestead
Yandra South AustraliaHomestead
Yandra South AustraliaHomestead
Yandthangunna Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yandulla Rockhole Western AustraliaRockhole
Yandumblin Creek New South WalesStream
Yandumblin New South WalesParish
Yandunburra QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Yandunburra QueenslandParish
Yandyarra Well Western AustraliaBore
Yandyguinula Creek New South WalesStream
Yanera Homestead South AustraliaRuin
Yanera Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yanera Well South AustraliaBore
Yanera South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yanera South AustraliaUNKN
Yanerbie Beach South AustraliaBeach
Yanerbie Hill South AustraliaHill
Yanerbie Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yanerbie Well South AustraliaBore
Yanerbie Well South AustraliaBore
Yanerbie South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yanerby Hill South AustraliaHill
Yanerby Well South AustraliaBore
Yanerby South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yanery New South WalesHomestead
Yang Yang New South WalesParish
Yanga Bend VictoriaReserve
Yanga Creek or Gwynne Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yanga Creek New South WalesStream
Yanga Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yanga Lake New South WalesLake
Yanga Nature Reserve New South WalesReserve
Yanga Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yanga Regulator New South WalesDam
Yanga State Forest New South WalesReserve
Yanga Swamp Western AustraliaSwamp
Yanga Tank New South WalesTank
Yanga Vale Western AustraliaHomestead
Yanga Well Western AustraliaBore
Yanga New South WalesHomestead
Yanga VictoriaHomestead
Yanga New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yanga New South WalesParish
Yanga New South WalesParish
Yangahla Lookout QueenslandLocality (unbounded)
Yangalake Railway Station New South WalesRailway station
Yangalala New South WalesHomestead
Yangalla New South WalesParish
Yangalo South AustraliaHomestead
Yangalo South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yangamitla Hut South AustraliaRuin
Yangan Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yangan Reserve New South WalesReserve
Yangan Rockhole Western AustraliaRockhole
Yangan Water Facility QueenslandBore
Yangan QueenslandLocality (bounded)
Yangan QueenslandPOPL
Yangan QueenslandUrban area
Yanganbil New South WalesHomestead
Yanganna Hill South AustraliaHill
Yanganooka Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yanganooka Nature Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Yanganooka Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yangar Point New South WalesPoint
Yangaratta New South WalesHomestead
Yangardook Creek VictoriaStream
Yangardook VictoriaParish
Yangarella Stud QueenslandHomestead
Yangarg Hut South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yangarloo Well Western AustraliaBore
Yangarra New South WalesHomestead
Yangarra QueenslandParish
Yangbinyah South AustraliaUNKN
Yangebup Baptist Church Western AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yangebup Lake Western AustraliaLake
Yangebup Primary School Western AustraliaSchool
Yangebup Western AustraliaSuburb
Yangedi Swamp Western AustraliaSwamp
Yangedine Brook Western AustraliaStream
Yangedine Western AustraliaHomestead
Yangedine Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yangedung Western AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yangee Well Western AustraliaBore
Yangellawah Creek New South WalesStream
Yangena Hill TasmaniaHill
Yangena TasmaniaLocality (unbounded)
Yangerahwill VictoriaParish
Yangerlering Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yangery Creek VictoriaStream
Yangery Swamp South AustraliaSwamp
Yangery South AustraliaHomestead
Yangery VictoriaParish
Yanget Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yanget Hills Western AustraliaRange
Yanget Lake Western AustraliaLake
Yanget Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yanget Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yanget Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yanget Swamp Western AustraliaSwamp
Yanget Western AustraliaHomestead
Yangewah Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yangga-vuthi-vuthi South AustraliaPass
Yanggai VictoriaReserve
Yanggunha Adnya Cave South AustraliaCave
Yanggunha Adnya Ithapi South AustraliaCave
Yanggunha Awi South AustraliaSpring
Yanggunha Hill South AustraliaHill
Yanggunha Spring South AustraliaSpring
Yanggunha Vambata South AustraliaHill
Yangibana Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yangibana Creek Western AustraliaStream
Yangibana Yard Western AustraliaYard
Yangie Bay Camp Ground South AustraliaCampsite
Yangie Bay South AustraliaBays & Gulfs
Yangila Homestead South AustraliaRuin
Yangila Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Yangimulla New South WalesParish
Yanginanook South AustraliaHomestead
Yangkanji Billabong Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Yangle QueenslandParish
Yango Arm New South WalesStream
Yango Creek New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yango Creek New South WalesStream
Yango Creek New South WalesStream
Yango Creek New South WalesStream
Yango State Forest New South WalesForest
Yango New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yango New South WalesParish
Yangoloe Waterhole New South WalesWaterhole
Yangoona Hill South AustraliaHill
Yangoona Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Yangoonabbi South AustraliaRockhole
Yangoonabie Bore South AustraliaBore
Yangoonabie Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Yangoonabie Tank South AustraliaTank
Yangoora South AustraliaHomestead
Yangoora South AustraliaHomestead
Yangoora South AustraliaHomestead
Yangoora VictoriaHomestead
Yangooya QueenslandHomestead
Yangoura VictoriaParish
Yangulinyina Northern TerritoryCommune
Yanguna Rockhole South AustraliaRockhole
Yangunbi Pool Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Yangunyah Cowal New South WalesStream
Yanguro South AustraliaHomestead
Yangy Angy New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yangya Creek South AustraliaStream
Yangya Hill South AustraliaHill
Yangya Hill South AustraliaHomestead
Yangyangy Creek/Yangy Angy Creek New South WalesStream
Yanha Gurtji Shared Path VictoriaTrack (walking)
Yanibbie South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yaninee Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yaninee Tank South AustraliaTank
Yaninee South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yaninee South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yaninee South AustraliaPLCE
Yaningerry Creek QueenslandStream
Yaningerry Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Yaningidjara Hills Northern TerritoryRange
Yaningurie Soakage Well South AustraliaBore
Yaningurie Waterhole South AustraliaWaterhole
Yaninnee Trig South AustraliaTrig station
Yanipy VictoriaParish
Yaniwandel Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yank Well Western AustraliaBore
Yankagee Claypan Western AustraliaClay Landform
Yankalilla Area School South AustraliaSchool
Yankalilla Bay South AustraliaBays & Gulfs
Yankalilla Golf Course South AustraliaGOLF
Yankalilla Hill South AustraliaHill
Yankalilla Post Office South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yankalilla River South AustraliaStream
Yankalilla Soldiers Memorial Community Centre South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yankalilla QueenslandHomestead
Yankalilla South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yankalilla South AustraliaPOPL
Yankallilla River South AustraliaStream
Yankalya-Illa River South AustraliaStream
Yankalyailla River South AustraliaStream
Yankaninna Range South AustraliaRange
Yankaninna Stone Arrangement South AustraliaUNKN
Yankaninna South AustraliaHomestead
Yankaponga South AustraliaHomestead
Yankaponga South AustraliaHomestead
Yankawingarri Island Western AustraliaIsland
Yankee Bradford Stud QueenslandHomestead
Yankee Creek New South WalesStream
Yankee Creek New South WalesStream
Yankee Creek QueenslandStream
Yankee Creek VictoriaStream
Yankee Creek VictoriaStream
Yankee Crossing Western AustraliaFord
Yankee Dave Creek QueenslandStream
Yankee Doodle Bore Northern TerritoryBore
Yankee Doodle Dam Western AustraliaDam
Yankee Gully VictoriaStream
Yankee Gully VictoriaStream
Yankee Gunya Dam South AustraliaDam
Yankee Gunya Waterhole South AustraliaWaterhole
Yankee Hat Australian Capital TerritoryMountain
Yankee Jack Creek QueenslandStream
Yankee Jack Lake QueenslandLake
Yankee Jacks Hill New South WalesHill
Yankee Jim Creek VictoriaStream
Yankee Jim Mine VictoriaMine
Yankee Mine VictoriaMine
Yankee Ned Creek New South WalesStream
Yankee Ned Hill New South WalesHill
Yankee Point Public School New South WalesSchool
Yankee Rock TasmaniaIsland
Yankee Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yankee Tank Western AustraliaTank
Yankee Tom New South WalesHomestead
Yankee Toms Hill New South WalesHill
Yankee Wells South AustraliaBore
Yankees Creek New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yankees Creek New South WalesStream
Yankees Flat New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yankees Gap New South WalesPass
Yankey Creek New South WalesStream
Yankeys Creek New South WalesStream
Yankeys Gap New South WalesPass
Yankie Dam Northern TerritoryDam
Yankie Tank New South WalesTank
Yanko Creek New South WalesStream
Yanko Creek QueenslandStream
Yanko Creek QueenslandStream
Yanko Creek QueenslandStream
Yanko Creek VictoriaStream
Yanko Plain New South WalesPlain
Yanko South New South WalesParish
Yanko Waterhole QueenslandWaterhole
Yanko QueenslandHomestead
Yanko QueenslandHomestead
Yanko New South WalesParish
Yanko New South WalesParish
Yanks Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yanks Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yanks Folly VictoriaRidge
Yanladdiepillana Well South AustraliaBore
Yanmah Brook Western AustraliaStream
Yanmah Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yanmah Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yanman QueenslandParish
Yanmarri-Apinha South AustraliaRange
Yann Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yann Well Western AustraliaBore
Yanna Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yanna QueenslandRailway station
Yannabie Dam South AustraliaDam
Yannabie Rockholes South AustraliaRockhole
Yannabie Well South AustraliaBore
Yannabuck Reservoir South AustraliaReservoir
Yannagan QueenslandHomestead
Yannagobberly Western AustraliaHomestead
Yannan New South WalesHomestead
Yannanooka Well Western AustraliaBore
Yannanyun South AustraliaNative well
Yannapaira Waterhole Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Yannaparra Waterhole Northern TerritoryWaterhole
Yannarie Bridge Western AustraliaBridge
Yannarie River South Western AustraliaStream
Yannarie River Western AustraliaStream
Yannarie New South WalesHomestead
Yannarie VictoriaHomestead
Yannarie Western AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yannathan Falls VictoriaWaterfall
Yannathan Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yannathan South Primary School VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yannathan Telephone Exchange VictoriaBuilt Structures
Yannathan VictoriaParish
Yannawah Creek New South WalesStream
Yannawah Western AustraliaHomestead
Yannawah New South WalesLocality (unbounded)
Yannaway Lagoon New South WalesLake
Yannaway New South WalesParish
Yannergee New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yannergee New South WalesRailway station
Yanneri Bore Western AustraliaBore
Yanneri Lake Western AustraliaLake
Yanneri Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole
Yanneri Well Western AustraliaBore
Yannerlip Swamp Western AustraliaSwamp
Yannery Hills Mine Western AustraliaMine
Yannery River Western AustraliaStream
Yannery Well Western AustraliaBore
Yanneymooning Hill Western AustraliaHill
Yanneymooning Nature Reserve Western AustraliaReserve
Yanneymooning Well Western AustraliaBore
Yanns Flats TasmaniaPlain
Yanns Reach TasmaniaReach
Yanolee New South WalesHomestead
Yanoning Rock Western AustraliaRock
Yanpurra 1 South AustraliaBore
Yanpurra Hill South AustraliaHill
Yanrey No. 1 Oil Well Western AustraliaGasfield
Yanrey Western AustraliaHomestead
Yans Creek New South WalesStream
Yans Creek New South WalesStream
Yans Crossing New South WalesFord
Yans Gully New South WalesStream
Yansmeade Western AustraliaHomestead
Yanta 1 South AustraliaBore
Yanta Unga South AustraliaHomestead
Yantabangee Creek New South WalesStream
Yantabangee Lake New South WalesLake
Yantabangee Tank New South WalesTank
Yantabangee New South WalesHomestead
Yantabulla Bore New South WalesBore
Yantabulla Plain New South WalesPlain
Yantabulla New South WalesLocality (bounded)
Yantabulla New South WalesTrig station
Yantalla Creek New South WalesStream
Yantana Well South AustraliaBore
Yantanabie Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yantanabie Well South AustraliaBore
Yantanabie South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yantanabie South AustraliaLocality (bounded)
Yantanaby Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yantanaby Well South AustraliaBore
Yantandana Waterhole South AustraliaWaterhole
Yantara Creek New South WalesStream
Yantara Lake New South WalesLake
Yantara Tank New South WalesTank
Yantara New South WalesHomestead
Yantara New South WalesHomestead
Yantara New South WalesParish
Yantaralla New South WalesParish
Yantaringa Railway Station South AustraliaRailway station
Yantaringa South AustraliaBuilt Structures
Yantaringa South AustraliaHomestead
Yantaringa South AustraliaLocality (unbounded)
Yantawena South AustraliaUNKN
Yantea Well South AustraliaBore
Yantebobbera QueenslandHomestead
Yantecup Spring Western AustraliaSpring
Yanthangarra Pool Western AustraliaWaterhole

Source: Geoscience Australia

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