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Latchford Dam - Lazy Point

Name Place Feature
Latchford Dam OntarioHydraulic construction
Latchford OntarioGeographical area
Latchford OntarioTown
Late Lake OntarioLake
Latelle Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lateral Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lateral Lake OntarioLake
Laterrière QuebecCity
Laterrière QuebecGeographical area
Laterrière QuebecUnincorporated area
Laterrière QuebecUnincorporated area
Laterrière-Bassin QuebecUnincorporated area
Latewhos Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latham Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latham Island Northwest TerritoriesIsland
Latham Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lathbury QuebecGeographical area
Lathom Lake AlbertaLake
Lathom AlbertaUnincorporated area
Lathrop Creek AlbertaRiver
Latimer Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latimer Lake British ColumbiaLake
Latimer Lake New BrunswickLake
Latimer Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Latimer Lake OntarioLake
Latimer Lake New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Latimer Pond British ColumbiaLake
Latimer OntarioUnincorporated area
Latimers Pond Nova ScotiaLake
Latlah Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latona Passage British ColumbiaChannel
Latornell River AlbertaRiver
Latornell AlbertaUnincorporated area
Latouche Creek OntarioRiver
Latouche Lake OntarioLake
Latour Creek OntarioRiver
Latour Creek OntarioRiver
Latour Lake OntarioLake
Latour Rock Nova ScotiaShoal
Latour QuebecGeographical area
Latour QuebecUnincorporated area
Latreille Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latreille Creek YukonRiver
Latreille Lake OntarioLake
Latremouille Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Latremouille Lake British ColumbiaLake
LaTrobe Bay NunavutBay
Latta Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Latta Island British ColumbiaIsland
Latta OntarioUnincorporated area
Latter Pond Nova ScotiaLake
Lattice Creek AlbertaRiver
Lattice Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lattie Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Latties Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Latties Brook Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Lattkaloup Indian Reserve 9 British ColumbiaIndian Reserve
Latulipe QuebecGeographical area
Latulipe QuebecUnincorporated area
Latulipe QuebecUnincorporated area
Latulipe-et-Gaboury QuebecVillage
Lature Lake OntarioLake
Laturnus Island SaskatchewanIsland
Laturnus Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laubanie QuebecGeographical area
Lauber Lake OntarioLake
Lauberivière QuebecGeographical area
Lauchies Pond Nova ScotiaLake
Lauchlan River NunavutRiver
Lauchlin Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Laudanet QuebecGeographical area
Lauder Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lauder Creek OntarioRiver
Lauder Heath New BrunswickLow vegetation
Lauder Island British ColumbiaIsland
Lauder Islands OntarioIsland
Lauder Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Lauder Lake OntarioLake
Lauder Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lauder Point British ColumbiaCape
Lauder Point OntarioCape
Lauder OntarioGeographical area
Lauderbach OntarioUnincorporated area
Lauderdale Point OntarioCape
Lauderdale AlbertaUnincorporated area
Laughing Bird Lake OntarioLake
Laughing Brook OntarioRiver
Laughing Creek OntarioRiver
Laughing Falls British ColumbiaFalls
Laughing Lake OntarioLake
Laughland Lake NunavutLake
Laughlin Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laughren Lake OntarioLake
Laughren Lake OntarioLake
Laughren OntarioGeographical area
Laughter Lake OntarioLake
Laughton Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laughton Lake OntarioLake
Laughton Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laughton OntarioGeographical area
Lauley Island OntarioIsland
Launay QuebecGeographical area
Launay QuebecUnincorporated area
Launay QuebecVillage
Launay-Station QuebecUnincorporated area
Launching Bay Prince Edward IslandBay
Launching Island Prince Edward IslandIsland
Launching Place Prince Edward IslandUnincorporated area
Launching Point Prince Edward IslandCape
Launching Pond Prince Edward IslandLake
Launders Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laundrie Lake OntarioLake
Laundry Bay OntarioBay
Laundry Bay OntarioBay
Laundry Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laundry Lake OntarioLake
Laundry Lake OntarioLake
Laundry Lake OntarioLake
Laundy Rock British ColumbiaShoal
Laura Bay British ColumbiaBay
Laura Bay OntarioBay
Laura Brook British ColumbiaRiver
Laura Cove British ColumbiaBay
Laura Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laura Creek OntarioRiver
Laura Creek YukonRiver
Laura Creek YukonRiver
Laura Grace Rock OntarioShoal
Laura Lake AlbertaLake
Laura Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laura Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Laura Lake OntarioLake
Laura Lake OntarioLake
Laura Lake OntarioLake
Laura Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laura Lakes NunavutLake
Laura Point British ColumbiaCape
Laura Point OntarioCape
Laura OntarioGeographical area
Laura SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Laurad Lake OntarioLake
Laural Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lauralea Island OntarioIsland
Lauramay Lake OntarioLake
Laure QuebecGeographical area
Laurel Creek Conservation Area OntarioConservation area
Laurel Creek Reservoir OntarioLake
Laurel Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laurel Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laurel Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laurel Creek OntarioRiver
Laurel Island OntarioIsland
Laurel Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laurel Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Laurel Lake OntarioLake
Laurel Lake OntarioLake
Laurel Point British ColumbiaCape
Laurel OntarioUnincorporated area
Laurel QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurel-Station QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurence Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laurence Lake OntarioLake
Laurence Lake OntarioLake
Laurence QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurenoon Creek OntarioRiver
Laurenson's Island OntarioIsland
Laurensons Creek OntarioRiver
Laurensons Lake OntarioLake
Laurent Shoal New BrunswickShoal
Laurent QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurent-Val QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurentian Acres QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurentian Belaire British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area OntarioConservation area
Laurentian Hills OntarioTown
Laurentian Hills OntarioUnincorporated area
Laurentian Mountains QuebecMountain
Laurentian Valley OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Laurentian View OntarioUnincorporated area
Laurentian View OntarioUnincorporated area
Laurentides QuebecCity
Laurentides QuebecOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Laurentides QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurentides QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurentien QuebecTown
Laurentien OntarioUnincorporated area
Lauretta Island AlbertaIsland
Lauretta British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Lauretta Prince Edward IslandUnincorporated area
Lauri Creek OntarioRiver
Lauri Lake OntarioLake
Laurie Coulee SaskatchewanValley
Laurie Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laurie Island OntarioIsland
Laurie Island SaskatchewanIsland
Laurie Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laurie Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Laurie Lake OntarioLake
Laurie Lake OntarioLake
Laurie Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laurie Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laurie Provincial Park Nova ScotiaConservation area
Laurie Range British ColumbiaMountain
Laurie OntarioGeographical area
Laurier Cove British ColumbiaBay
Laurier Creek OntarioRiver
Laurier Creek YukonRiver
Laurier Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Laurier Heights AlbertaUnincorporated area
Laurier House National Historic Site of Canada OntarioConservation area
Laurier Island OntarioIsland
Laurier Island SaskatchewanIsland
Laurier Lake AlbertaLake
Laurier Lake OntarioLake
Laurier Lake OntarioLake
Laurier No. 38 SaskatchewanOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Laurier Pass British ColumbiaValley
Laurier Peak British ColumbiaMountain
Laurier Rock Nova ScotiaShoal
Laurier OntarioGeographical area
Laurier QuebecGeographical area
Laurier OntarioUnincorporated area
Laurier QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurier-Station QuebecTown
Laurier-Station QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurierville QuebecTown
Laurierville QuebecUnincorporated area
Laurierville QuebecVillage
Lauries Marsh Nova ScotiaLow vegetation
Laurin QuebecGeographical area
Laurin OntarioUnincorporated area
Lauriston OntarioUnincorporated area
Lauréat QuebecUnincorporated area
Lausen Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Lausmann Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laussedat QuebecGeographical area
Laut Lakes OntarioLake
Laut Lakes OntarioLake
Lautons Lake OntarioLake
Lauvergot New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lauvina New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lauzier New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lauzon Bay OntarioBay
Lauzon Creek Drain OntarioHydraulic construction
Lauzon Lake OntarioLake
Lauzon Lake OntarioLake
Lauzon River OntarioRiver
Lauzon QuebecGeographical area
Lauzon QuebecUnincorporated area
Lava Canyon British ColumbiaValley
Lava Creek YukonRiver
Lava Creek YukonRiver
Lava Fork British ColumbiaRiver
Lava Forks Park British ColumbiaConservation area
Lava Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Lava Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lava Lakes British ColumbiaLake
Lavaflow Mountain OntarioMountain
Lavague Lake OntarioLake
Laval Creek OntarioRiver
Laval Lake OntarioLake
Laval QuebecCity
Laval OntarioGeographical area
Laval QuebecGeographical area
Laval QuebecGeographical area
Laval QuebecMiscellaneous
Laval QuebecOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Laval QuebecOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Laval QuebecTown
Laval QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval-des-Rapides QuebecCity
Laval-des-Rapides QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval-Nord QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval-Nord QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval-Ouest QuebecCity
Laval-Ouest QuebecUnincorporated area
Laval-sur-le-Lac QuebecCity
Laval-sur-le-Lac QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavallee Creek OntarioRiver
Lavallee Hill OntarioMountain
Lavallee Lake OntarioLake
Lavalley Bay OntarioBay
Lavalley Point British ColumbiaCape
Lavallie Lake OntarioLake
Lavallie Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lavallée Lake OntarioLake
Lavallée Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lavallée QuebecGeographical area
Lavaltrie QuebecCity
Lavaltrie QuebecTown
Lavaltrie QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavaltrie-Station QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavant Creek OntarioRiver
Lavant Lake OntarioLake
Lavant Long Lake OntarioLake
Lavant Mountain OntarioMountain
Lavant Station OntarioUnincorporated area
Lavant, Dalhousie and North Sherbrooke OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Lavant OntarioGeographical area
Lavant OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Lavant OntarioUnincorporated area
Lavaque Lake OntarioLake
Laveau Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laveau Hill British ColumbiaMountain
Lavender Falls OntarioFalls
Lavender Hill OntarioMountain
Lavender Lake OntarioLake
Lavender Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lavender Peak British ColumbiaMountain
Lavender Rapids SaskatchewanRapids
Lavender's Island QuebecIsland
Lavender OntarioUnincorporated area
Lavene Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laventie Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Laventie Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Laventure SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Laver Lake OntarioLake
Laverdiere Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Laverdière QuebecGeographical area
Laverdière QuebecUnincorporated area
LaVerendrye OntarioGeographical area
Lavergne Bay OntarioBay
Lavergne Lake OntarioLake
Lavergne Point OntarioCape
Lavergne Rapids OntarioRapids
Lavergne QuebecGeographical area
Laverlochère QuebecGeographical area
Laverlochère QuebecUnincorporated area
Laverlochère QuebecVillage
Laverlochère QuebecVillage
Laverock Bay NunavutBay
Laverock Point British ColumbiaCape
Lavers Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Lavers Lake OntarioLake
Laverty Brook New BrunswickRiver
Laverty Falls New BrunswickFalls
Laverty Lake New BrunswickLake
Laverty Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Lavery Creek OntarioRiver
Lavery Lake OntarioLake
Lavery Lake OntarioLake
Lavesta AlbertaUnincorporated area
Lavigne Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lavigne Lake OntarioLake
Lavigne Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lavigne River SaskatchewanRiver
Lavigne QuebecGeographical area
Lavigne OntarioUnincorporated area
Lavignes Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lavignes Hill New BrunswickMountain
Lavignette Island OntarioIsland
Lavigure Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laville Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Lavillette New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lavington Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lavington British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Laviolette Gulch New BrunswickValley
Laviolette QuebecGeographical area
Lavis Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Lavis Lake OntarioLake
Lavitah Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Lavo Lake OntarioLake
Lavoie Bay SaskatchewanBay
Lavoie Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lavoie Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lavoie Corner New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lavoie Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lavoie Gulch New BrunswickValley
Lavoie Island NunavutIsland
Lavoie Islands NunavutIsland
Lavoie Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lavoie Lake OntarioLake
Lavoie Lake OntarioLake
Lavoie Point NunavutCape
Lavoie QuebecGeographical area
Lavoie QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavoie QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavoie QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavoie QuebecUnincorporated area
Lavoy AlbertaVillage
Law Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Law Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Law Islands British ColumbiaIsland
Law Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Law Lake OntarioLake
Law Lake OntarioLake
Law Lake SaskatchewanLake
Law Point British ColumbiaCape
Law OntarioGeographical area
Lawabiskau River OntarioRiver
Lawagamau Lake OntarioLake
Lawagamau River OntarioRiver
Lawanth Indian Reserve 5 British ColumbiaIndian Reserve
Lawashi Channel OntarioChannel
Lawashi River OntarioRiver
Lawder Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawe Lake OntarioLake
Lawer Lake OntarioLake
Lawfield New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lawfield OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawford Islands NunavutIsland
Lawgrave Lake OntarioLake
Lawhie Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawier Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawlar Lake OntarioLake
Lawlees Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawler Point Nova ScotiaCape
Lawler Point Nova ScotiaCape
Lawless Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawless Lake OntarioLake
Lawley Bay SaskatchewanBay
Lawley Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawley Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawlor Island Nova ScotiaIsland
Lawlor Lake New BrunswickLake
Lawlor Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawlor Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawlor Lake OntarioLake
Lawlor OntarioGeographical area
Lawn Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawn Hill British ColumbiaMountain
Lawn Hill British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Lawn Point Park British ColumbiaConservation area
Lawn Point British ColumbiaCape
Lawn Point British ColumbiaCape
Lawn QuebecUnincorporated area
Lawnhill British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Lawrason Bay OntarioBay
Lawrason Creek OntarioRiver
Lawren Harris Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Bank OntarioShoal
Lawrence Bay OntarioBay
Lawrence Bay SaskatchewanBay
Lawrence Bay SaskatchewanBay
Lawrence Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Lawrence Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Lawrence Colony QuebecUnincorporated area
Lawrence Cove Nova ScotiaBay
Lawrence Cove Nova ScotiaBay
Lawrence Creek AlbertaRiver
Lawrence Creek AlbertaRiver
Lawrence Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawrence Creek OntarioRiver
Lawrence Creek OntarioRiver
Lawrence Heights OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawrence Island OntarioIsland
Lawrence Island SaskatchewanIsland
Lawrence Islet Nova ScotiaIsland
Lawrence Islets British ColumbiaIsland
Lawrence Lake Conservation Reserve OntarioConservation area
Lawrence Lake AlbertaLake
Lawrence Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawrence Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawrence Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawrence Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Lake OntarioLake
Lawrence Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawrence Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawrence Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawrence Lakes New BrunswickLake
Lawrence Manor OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawrence Park OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawrence Park OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawrence Peak New BrunswickMountain
Lawrence Point British ColumbiaCape
Lawrence Point SaskatchewanCape
Lawrence River AlbertaRiver
Lawrence Rock OntarioShoal
Lawrence Station New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Lawrence Station OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawrence OntarioGeographical area
Lawrences Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park Nova ScotiaConservation area
Lawrencetown Beach Nova ScotiaBeach
Lawrencetown Head Nova ScotiaCape
Lawrencetown Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawrencetown Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Lawrencetown Nova ScotiaVillage
Lawrenceville QuebecTown
Lawrenceville QuebecUnincorporated area
Lawrie Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Lawrie Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawry Creek OntarioRiver
Lawrysyn Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laws Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawson Bay OntarioBay
Lawson Bay OntarioBay
Lawson Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lawson Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lawson Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lawson Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lawson Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawson Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawson Creek OntarioRiver
Lawson Creek OntarioRiver
Lawson Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Lawson Harbour British ColumbiaBay
Lawson Heights SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Lawson Hill New BrunswickMountain
Lawson Hill OntarioMountain
Lawson Island NunavutIsland
Lawson Island OntarioIsland
Lawson Island OntarioIsland
Lawson Lake AlbertaLake
Lawson Lake AlbertaLake
Lawson Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawson Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lawson Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lawson Lake OntarioLake
Lawson Lake OntarioLake
Lawson Lake OntarioLake
Lawson Lake OntarioLake
Lawson Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawson Passage New BrunswickChannel
Lawson Quarry OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawson Rock OntarioShoal
Lawson's Creek OntarioRiver
Lawson OntarioGeographical area
Lawson OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawson SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Lawsonburg AlbertaUnincorporated area
Lawsons Hill Nova ScotiaMountain
Lawsons Point Nova ScotiaCape
Lawsons Shoal Nova ScotiaShoal
Lawton Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lawton Point British ColumbiaCape
Lawton's Corners OntarioUnincorporated area
Lawton AlbertaUnincorporated area
Lawtonia No. 135 SaskatchewanOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Lawtons Cove OntarioBay
Lawtons Hill Prince Edward IslandMountain
Lawyer Islands British ColumbiaIsland
Lawyers Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lawyers Pass British ColumbiaValley
Lax Bilak British ColumbiaMiscellaneous site
Lax Harbour NunavutBay
Lax Island NunavutIsland
Lax Kw'alaams 1 British ColumbiaIndian Reserve
Lax Kw'alaams British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Laxdal Island SaskatchewanIsland
Laxdal Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laxgalts'ap British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Laxton Lake British ColumbiaLake
Laxton, Digby and Longford OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Laxton OntarioGeographical area
Lay Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lay Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Lay Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Lay Lake OntarioLake
Lay Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lay Point British ColumbiaCape
Lay Range British ColumbiaMountain
Laybold Island Nova ScotiaIsland
Laybolt Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Laybolts Island Nova ScotiaIsland
Layco SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Laycock Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laycocks Lake OntarioLake
Layden Pond New BrunswickLake
Layla Creek AlbertaRiver
Laylee Island British ColumbiaIsland
Layton Creek AlbertaRiver
Layton Drain OntarioHydraulic construction
Layton Hills SaskatchewanMountain
Layton River OntarioRiver
Layton OntarioUnincorporated area
Laytons Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Laytons Lake SaskatchewanLake
Laytons Pond Nova ScotiaLake
Lazar Lake AlbertaLake
Lazares Brook New BrunswickRiver
Lazares Island Nova ScotiaIsland
Lazaroff Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lazell Lake OntarioLake
Lazenby Lake SaskatchewanLake
Lazo British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Lazuli Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lazy Bay Nova ScotiaBay
Lazy Bay OntarioBay
Lazy Bay QuebecBay
Lazy Beach QuebecBay
Lazy Bogan QuebecBay
Lazy Edward Bay SaskatchewanBay
Lazy Head Nova ScotiaCape
Lazy Lake British ColumbiaLake
Lazy Lake OntarioLake
Lazy Lake OntarioLake
Lazy Lake OntarioLake
Lazy Point Nova ScotiaCape

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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