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Vacant Land Meadows - Vawn

Name Place Feature
Vacant Land Meadows Nova ScotiaLow vegetation
Vaccinium Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vache Ledge Nova ScotiaShoal
Vache Shoals Nova ScotiaShoal
Vachell OntarioUnincorporated area
Vacher Creek OntarioRiver
Vacher Lake OntarioLake
Vachon Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vachon Lake OntarioLake
Vachon QuebecGeographical area
Vack Lake OntarioLake
Vacons Cove Nova ScotiaBay
Vacons Point Nova ScotiaCape
Vacuna Island OntarioIsland
Vade SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Vader Creek AlbertaRiver
Vader Lake OntarioLake
Vader's Lake OntarioLake
Vadso Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vadso Rock British ColumbiaShoal
Vadso Rocks British ColumbiaShoal
Vadzaih Kan Creek YukonRiver
Vadzaih Van Creek YukonRiver
Vad{14}dzài Tr'{2}dai Vàn YukonLake
Vagg Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vague Point OntarioCape
Vail Point Shoal OntarioShoal
Vail Point OntarioCape
Vail Rock OntarioShoal
Vail's Point OntarioCape
Vaillant Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Vaillant Lake NunavutLake
Vails Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vails Ridge New BrunswickMountain
Vair Lake OntarioLake
Vairs Beach New BrunswickBeach
Vakak Nj{13} YukonLake
Vakak Te'nìthìn{21} YukonLake
Val Albert OntarioUnincorporated area
Val Caron OntarioUnincorporated area
Val Comeau Provincial Park New BrunswickConservation area
Val Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Val Côté OntarioUnincorporated area
Val d'Amour New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Doucet New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Gagné OntarioUnincorporated area
Val Lake OntarioLake
Val Marie No. 17 SaskatchewanOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Val Marie Reservoir Bird Sanctuary SaskatchewanConservation area
Val Marie SaskatchewanVillage
Val Melanson New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Oakes New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Quentin AlbertaVillage
Val Riopel New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Rita OntarioUnincorporated area
Val Rita-Harty OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Val Soucy AlbertaUnincorporated area
Val St. Patrice New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val Therese OntarioUnincorporated area
Val-Alain QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Alain QuebecVillage
Val-Barrette QuebecTown
Val-Barrette QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Boisé QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Brillant QuebecTown
Val-Brillant QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Brillant QuebecVillage
Val-Bélair QuebecCity
Val-Bélair QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Bélair QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Clermont QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Comeau New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-d'Amour New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-d'Espoir QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-d'Espoir QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-d'Espoir-Ouest QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-d'Irène QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-d'Irène QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-d'Or QuebecCity
Val-d'Or QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-David QuebecTown
Val-David QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Arbres QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Bois QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Bois QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Bois QuebecVillage
Val-des-Lacs QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Lacs QuebecVillage
Val-des-Monts QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Monts QuebecVillage
Val-des-Pins QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-des-Vents QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Doucet New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-du-Lac QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-du-Lac QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-du-Repos QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Guertin QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Jalbert QuebecTown
Val-Jalbert QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Joli QuebecVillage
Val-Laflamme QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Lambert New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Limoges QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Maher QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Marguerite QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Martin QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Maurice QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Mauricie QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Melanson New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Menaud QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Michaud New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Morin QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Morin QuebecVillage
Val-Nadeau New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Neigette QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Ombreuse QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Paquin QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Paradis QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Paradis QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Piché QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Racine QuebecVillage
Val-Renard QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Richard New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Riopel New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Royal QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Royal QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Saint-Côme QuebecRecreational site
Val-Saint-Georges QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Saint-Gilles QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Saint-Gilles QuebecVillage
Val-Saint-Michel QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Saint-Tropez QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Senneville QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Senneville QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Senneville QuebecVillage
Val-Shefford QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-St-Patrice New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Val-Tétreau QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Viger QuebecUnincorporated area
Val-Émard QuebecUnincorporated area
Valad Peak AlbertaMountain
Valbrand SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valcartier Range and Training Area QuebecMilitary area
Valcartier QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcartier QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcartier QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcartier-Village QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcartier-Village QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcourt QuebecCity
Valcourt QuebecUnincorporated area
Valcourt QuebecVillage
Valdes Bay British ColumbiaBay
Valdes Island British ColumbiaIsland
Valdor QuebecUnincorporated area
Valdy Lake OntarioLake
Vale Creek OntarioRiver
Vale Island Northwest TerritoriesIsland
Vale Lake OntarioLake
Vale Perkins QuebecUnincorporated area
Vale Point Northwest TerritoriesCape
Vale AlbertaUnincorporated area
Valeira Lake OntarioLake
Valemont Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Valemount British ColumbiaVillage
Valencay QuebecUnincorporated area
Valencia Bluffs British ColumbiaCliff
Valenciennes Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Valenciennes River British ColumbiaRiver
Valens Conservation Area OntarioConservation area
Valens Lake SaskatchewanLake
Valens Reservoir OntarioLake
Valens OntarioUnincorporated area
Valentia OntarioUnincorporated area
Valentine Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valentine Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valentine Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Valentine Creek YukonRiver
Valentine Hill British ColumbiaMountain
Valentine Island OntarioIsland
Valentine Lake Brook New BrunswickRiver
Valentine Lake British ColumbiaLake
Valentine Lake New BrunswickLake
Valentine Lake New BrunswickLake
Valentine Lake OntarioLake
Valentine Lake OntarioLake
Valentine Lake OntarioLake
Valentine Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Valentine River OntarioRiver
Valentine Rocks OntarioShoal
Valentine OntarioGeographical area
Valentines Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Valenzuela Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valenzuela Lake British ColumbiaLake
Valeport Recreation Site SaskatchewanConservation area
Valeport Wildlife Management Unit SaskatchewanConservation area
Valeport SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valere Lake OntarioLake
Valerian Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valerie Falls OntarioFalls
Valerie Lake British ColumbiaLake
Valets QuebecGeographical area
Valetta OntarioUnincorporated area
Valette Point New BrunswickCape
Valfranc OntarioUnincorporated area
Valhalla Centre AlbertaUnincorporated area
Valhalla Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valhalla Creek OntarioRiver
Valhalla Estate New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Valhalla Island OntarioIsland
Valhalla Lake AlbertaLake
Valhalla Lake British ColumbiaLake
Valhalla Lake British ColumbiaLake
Valhalla Lake OntarioLake
Valhalla Lake OntarioLake
Valhalla Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Valhalla Mountain NunavutMountain
Valhalla Mountains British ColumbiaMountain
Valhalla Park British ColumbiaConservation area
Valhalla Range British ColumbiaMountain
Valhalla Ranges British ColumbiaMountain
Valhalla AlbertaUnincorporated area
Valiant Lake OntarioLake
Valin Creek OntarioRiver
Valin Lake OntarioLake
Valin OntarioGeographical area
Valin QuebecUnincorporated area
Valin QuebecUnincorporated area
Valiquettes Hill OntarioMountain
Valjean Lake OntarioLake
Valjean SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valkyr Mountains British ColumbiaMountain
Valkyr Range British ColumbiaMountain
Valkyrie Lake OntarioLake
Vallance Bay OntarioBay
Vallance Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vallas Lake OntarioLake
Valleau Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valleau Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vallee Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vallee Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vallee Lake OntarioLake
Vallee-Ste-Claire SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Vallentyne OntarioUnincorporated area
Valleville QuebecUnincorporated area
Valley Brook New BrunswickRiver
Valley Centre Recreation Site SaskatchewanConservation area
Valley Centre SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valley Cone British ColumbiaMountain
Valley Creek AlbertaRiver
Valley Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valley Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valley Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Valley Creek OntarioRiver
Valley Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Valley Creek YukonRiver
Valley Cross Roads Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Valley East OntarioUnincorporated area
Valley Green Beach OntarioUnincorporated area
Valley Head Mountain AlbertaMountain
Valley Lake AlbertaLake
Valley Lake AlbertaLake
Valley Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Valley Lake NunavutLake
Valley Lake OntarioLake
Valley Lake OntarioLake
Valley Lake OntarioLake
Valley Lake SaskatchewanLake
Valley Mills Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Valley Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Valley of a Thousand Falls British ColumbiaValley
Valley of Diamonds New BrunswickValley
Valley of Five Lakes AlbertaValley
Valley of Lakes AlbertaValley
Valley of the Hidden Lakes AlbertaValley
Valley of the Moon British ColumbiaValley
Valley of the Rocks British ColumbiaValley
Valley of the Ten Peaks AlbertaValley
Valley Park SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valley Regional Park (Rosthern Section) SaskatchewanConservation area
Valley Regional Park (Waldheim Section) SaskatchewanConservation area
Valley Ridge AlbertaUnincorporated area
Valley Road New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Valley Road Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Valley Station Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Valley View British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Valley New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Valley Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Valley Prince Edward IslandUnincorporated area
Valleycliffe British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Valleyfield Pond Prince Edward IslandLake
Valleyfield River Prince Edward IslandRiver
Valleyfield OntarioUnincorporated area
Valleyfield Prince Edward IslandUnincorporated area
Valleyfield QuebecUnincorporated area
Valleyfield Prince Edward IslandVillage
Valleys Corners OntarioUnincorporated area
Valleyview North New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Valleyview Provincial Park Nova ScotiaConservation area
Valleyview AlbertaTown
Valleyview British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Valleyview OntarioUnincorporated area
Valleyview YukonUnincorporated area
Valliants Hill OntarioMountain
Vallican British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Valliere Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vallières QuebecGeographical area
Vallon Mud Pond QuebecValley
Vallon Tasialuup QuebecValley
Vallon Tininnirujaq QuebecValley
Vallon QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée Anniujakutaaq QuebecValley
Vallée Anurituuq QuebecValley
Vallée Arqutialuk QuebecValley
Vallée aux Étangs QuebecValley
Vallée de l'Anse au Griffon QuebecValley
Vallée de l'Outaouais QuebecValley
Vallée de la Chaudière QuebecValley
Vallée de la Gatineau QuebecValley
Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier QuebecValley
Vallée de la Koroc QuebecValley
Vallée de la Matapédia QuebecValley
Vallée de la Rivière au Renard QuebecValley
Vallée de la Rivière Cap-Chat QuebecValley
Vallée de la Rivière Matane QuebecValley
Vallée de la Rivière Sainte-Marguerite QuebecValley
Vallée de Melbourne QuebecValley
Vallée des Asters QuebecValley
Vallée des Athyriums QuebecValley
Vallée des Calamagrostides QuebecValley
Vallée des Castors QuebecValley
Vallée des Fantômes QuebecValley
Vallée des Pins QuebecValley
Vallée du Cor QuebecValley
Vallée du Diable QuebecValley
Vallée du Gouffre QuebecValley
Vallée du Jeu de Babines QuebecValley
Vallée du Pied de Coq QuebecValley
Vallée du Richelieu QuebecValley
Vallée du Saint-François QuebecValley
Vallée du Saint-Laurent QuebecValley
Vallée du Saint-Maurice QuebecValley
Vallée Durette QuebecValley
Vallée Edelweiss QuebecValley
Vallée Healy QuebecValley
Vallée Hidden QuebecValley
Vallée Katajiapik QuebecValley
Vallée Kuekuan Pahkahuau QuebecValley
Vallée Kuurualuk QuebecValley
Vallée Kuurualuk QuebecValley
Vallée Lourdes New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Vallée Narsaaluk QuebecValley
Vallée Narsaaluk QuebecValley
Vallée Narsaguluk QuebecValley
Vallée Narsajuaq QuebecValley
Vallée Narsajuaq QuebecValley
Vallée Narsajuaq QuebecValley
Vallée Narsarusiq QuebecValley
Vallée Natirnaaluk QuebecValley
Vallée Suspendue QuebecValley
Vallée QuebecGeographical area
Vallée-Autrichienne QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-Bleue QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-Chaline QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-d'Esdras QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-de-l'Or QuebecGeographical area
Vallée-de-l'Or QuebecOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Vallée-des-Pins QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-Jonction QuebecTown
Vallée-Jonction QuebecUnincorporated area
Vallée-Jonction QuebecVillage
Vallée-Lourdes New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Valléville QuebecUnincorporated area
Valmont QuebecUnincorporated area
Valmy QuebecGeographical area
Valois Creek OntarioRiver
Valois Lake OntarioLake
Valois QuebecGeographical area
Valois QuebecUnincorporated area
Valor SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Valora Lake OntarioLake
Valora OntarioUnincorporated area
Valparaiso SaskatchewanVillage
Valrennes QuebecGeographical area
Valrita OntarioUnincorporated area
Vam Creek AlbertaRiver
Vama Vama Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vamey Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vamey Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vameys Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vameys Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Vampire Peaks Northwest TerritoriesMountain
Van Allen Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Van Allens OntarioUnincorporated area
Van Alstyne Lake OntarioLake
Van Anda Cove British ColumbiaBay
Van Anda Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Anda Point British ColumbiaCape
Van Anda British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Van Bibber Creek YukonRiver
Van Bruyssel QuebecUnincorporated area
Van Buren Island Shoals OntarioShoal
Van Buren Island OntarioIsland
Van Buskirk Brook British ColumbiaRiver
Van Buskirk Brook New BrunswickRiver
Van Buskirk Lakes Nova ScotiaLake
Van Ch{11} YukonLake
Van Cleaves Hill YukonMountain
Van Cleeve Coulée AlbertaValley
Van Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Decar Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Dousens Point OntarioCape
Van Gorder Creek YukonRiver
Van Harbour British ColumbiaBay
Van Hauen Pass NunavutValley
Van Hise OntarioGeographical area
Van Horlick Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Horne Brook British ColumbiaRiver
Van Horne Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Horne Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Van Horne Névé British ColumbiaGlacier
Van Horne Range British ColumbiaMountain
Van Horne OntarioGeographical area
Van Horne OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Van Horne OntarioUnincorporated area
Van Houten Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Inlet British ColumbiaBay
Van Isle Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Koenig Point NunavutCape
Van Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Van Lake OntarioLake
Van Lake OntarioLake
Van Lake OntarioLake
Van Lake SaskatchewanLake
Van Lear Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Meter Lake SaskatchewanLake
Van Moorsell Drain OntarioHydraulic construction
Van Nes Lake SaskatchewanLake
Van Ness Lake OntarioLake
Van Nevel Channel British ColumbiaChannel
Van Nostrand Lake OntarioLake
van Nostrand Lake OntarioLake
Van Nostrand Range British ColumbiaMountain
van Nostrand OntarioGeographical area
Van Pattens Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Van Poele Lake OntarioLake
Van Point British ColumbiaCape
Van Royen Glacier NunavutGlacier
Van Royen Ridges NunavutMountain
Van Scoy Lake SaskatchewanLake
Van Somer Point British ColumbiaCape
Van Tanh YukonLake
Van Tassel Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Van Tine Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Tuyl Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Volkenburgh Island OntarioIsland
Van Wagners Beach OntarioBeach
Van West British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Van Winkle Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Van Winkle Flat British ColumbiaPlain
Van Winkle Lake OntarioLake
Van Winkle British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vanalstine Lake OntarioLake
Vanalstyne Lake OntarioLake
Vanance Lake OntarioLake
Vananda Cove British ColumbiaBay
Vananda Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vananda Point British ColumbiaCape
Vananda British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vanarsdol British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vanase Point Northwest TerritoriesCape
Vanastra OntarioUnincorporated area
VanBlaricom Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vanbrugh Lake OntarioLake
Vanbrugh OntarioUnincorporated area
VanCamp OntarioUnincorporated area
Vancamp OntarioUnincorporated area
Vance Bay OntarioBay
Vance Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vance Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vance Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vance Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vance Lake OntarioLake
Vance Lake OntarioLake
Vance Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vance Landing New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Vance Peninsula Northwest TerritoriesCape
Vance OntarioGeographical area
Vance SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Vances Beach New BrunswickBeach
Vances Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vances Island SaskatchewanIsland
Vancleaf Lake OntarioLake
Vancott Island OntarioIsland
Vancouver Bay British ColumbiaBay
Vancouver Bay British ColumbiaBay
Vancouver Creek YukonRiver
Vancouver Harbour British ColumbiaBay
Vancouver Heights British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vancouver International Airport British ColumbiaAir navigation feature
Vancouver Island Mountains British ColumbiaMountain
Vancouver Island Ranges British ColumbiaMountain
Vancouver Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vancouver Lake OntarioLake
Vancouver Point British ColumbiaCape
Vancouver River British ColumbiaRiver
Vancouver Rock British ColumbiaShoal
Vancouver British ColumbiaCity
Vand Creek YukonRiver
Vandalis Island OntarioIsland
Vande Lake OntarioLake
Vande Veen Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vandecar OntarioUnincorporated area
Vandeleur OntarioUnincorporated area
Vandenbergh Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vandenbrooks Lake OntarioLake
Vanderbeck Lake OntarioLake
Vanderbilt Creek YukonRiver
Vanderbilts Island OntarioIsland
Vanderbrink Lake OntarioLake
Vanderdasson Island OntarioIsland
Vanderhoof British ColumbiaOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Vanderlinde Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vanderlip Falls OntarioFalls
Vandersteene Lake AlbertaLake
Vanderven Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vanderwater Conservation Area OntarioConservation area
Vandette Lake OntarioLake
Vandine Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vandine Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vandorf OntarioUnincorporated area
Vandry QuebecUnincorporated area
Vandura SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Vandusen Lake OntarioLake
Vandusens Marsh OntarioLow vegetation
Vandy Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vandyck Lake Northwest TerritoriesLake
Vandyke Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vandyne AlbertaUnincorporated area
Vane Lake OntarioLake
Vanessa Lake OntarioLake
Vanessa Station OntarioUnincorporated area
Vanessa OntarioUnincorporated area
Vanesti AlbertaUnincorporated area
Vanevery Lake OntarioLake
Vangorda Creek YukonRiver
Vanguard Bay British ColumbiaBay
Vanguard Peak British ColumbiaMountain
Vanguard Rock OntarioShoal
Vanguard SaskatchewanVillage
Vanhorn Lake OntarioLake
Vanier Provincial Park Prince Edward IslandConservation area
Vanier QuebecCity
Vanier QuebecGeographical area
Vanier OntarioUnincorporated area
Vanier QuebecUnincorporated area
Vanishing Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vanishing Pond OntarioLake
Vanishing Ram Creek Northwest TerritoriesRiver
Vanity Creek OntarioRiver
Vanity Lake OntarioLake
Vankleek Hill Station OntarioUnincorporated area
Vankleek Hill OntarioUnincorporated area
Vankoughnet Ground OntarioShoal
Vankoughnet Island OntarioIsland
Vankoughnet Island OntarioIsland
VanKoughnet OntarioGeographical area
Vankoughnet OntarioUnincorporated area
Vanluven Lake OntarioLake
Vanluven Lake OntarioLake
Vanluvens Island OntarioIsland
Vanneck OntarioUnincorporated area
Vannier Lake OntarioLake
Vanomi Island OntarioIsland
Vanooyen Lake OntarioLake
Vanrassel Bay OntarioBay
Vanreek Lake OntarioLake
Vanrena AlbertaUnincorporated area
Vans Creek OntarioRiver
Vans Lake OntarioLake
Vanscoy No. 345 SaskatchewanOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Vanscoy SaskatchewanVillage
Vansickle OntarioUnincorporated area
Vansittart Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vansittart Island NunavutIsland
Vansittart Island OntarioIsland
Vansittart Point British ColumbiaCape
Vansittart Point OntarioCape
Vansittart Woods OntarioForest
Vanstone Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vanstone SaskatchewanUnincorporated area
Vant Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Vantage Hill NunavutMountain
Vantage Peak British ColumbiaMountain
Vantage Ridge YukonMountain
Vantage SaskatchewanHamlet
Vantassel Creek OntarioRiver
Vantassel Lake OntarioLake
Vantreight Cove British ColumbiaBay
Vantreight Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vanwart Lake New BrunswickLake
Vanwart Lake New BrunswickLake
Vanway British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vanwyk Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vanzance Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vanzant's Landing OntarioUnincorporated area
Vanàtà{2}'{12} YukonLake
Vapo Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vaporem Creek OntarioRiver
Vaporem Lake OntarioLake
Varden Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Vardie River AlbertaRiver
Vardy Island OntarioIsland
Vardy Ridge OntarioMountain
Vardy Settlement OntarioUnincorporated area
Vardy OntarioUnincorporated area
Varena Island OntarioIsland
Varency OntarioUnincorporated area
Varennes QuebecCity
Varennes QuebecUnincorporated area
Varey Creek SaskatchewanRiver
Varey Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vargas Cone British ColumbiaMountain
Vargas Island Indian Reserve 31 British ColumbiaIndian Reserve
Vargas Island Park British ColumbiaConservation area
Vargas Island British ColumbiaIsland
Variation Point OntarioCape
Varin QuebecGeographical area
Variscan River NunavutRiver
Varley Lake OntarioLake
Varley Lake OntarioLake
Varley OntarioGeographical area
Varna OntarioUnincorporated area
Varner Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Varney Bay British ColumbiaBay
Varney Island New BrunswickIsland
Varney Lake OntarioLake
Varney OntarioUnincorporated area
Varny Island New BrunswickIsland
Varrick Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Varris Lake OntarioLake
Vars OntarioUnincorporated area
Varsity Mountain NunavutMountain
Varsity AlbertaUnincorporated area
Varty Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Varty Creek OntarioRiver
Varty Lake OntarioLake
Varuah Gulch YukonValley
Varuna Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Varuna Peak British ColumbiaMountain
Varveclay Lake OntarioLake
Vasasus Island British ColumbiaIsland
Vase Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vaseux Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vaseux Lake Bird Sanctuary British ColumbiaConservation area
Vaseux Lake Park British ColumbiaConservation area
Vaseux Lake British ColumbiaLake
Vaseux Lake OntarioLake
Vaseux Portage OntarioRoad feature
Vaseux-Bighorn National Wildlife Area British ColumbiaConservation area
Vasey OntarioUnincorporated area
Vasiloff OntarioGeographical area
Vasière Brillant QuebecLow vegetation
Vasière de l'Étable QuebecLow vegetation
Vasière de l'Étang QuebecLow vegetation
Vasière Thibeault QuebecLow vegetation
Vasières de la Coulée Halloway QuebecLow vegetation
Vass Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vassal QuebecGeographical area
Vassan QuebecGeographical area
Vassan QuebecUnincorporated area
Vassan QuebecUnincorporated area
Vassan QuebecVillage
Vasseau Lake OntarioLake
Vasseur Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vasseur Brook New BrunswickRiver
Vasson QuebecGeographical area
Vauban QuebecUnincorporated area
Vaucluse QuebecUnincorporated area
Vaucluse QuebecUnincorporated area
Vaucroft Beach British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vaucroft British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vaudner Lake SaskatchewanLake
Vaudray QuebecGeographical area
Vaudreuil QuebecCity
Vaudreuil-Dorion QuebecCity
Vaudreuil-Dorion QuebecUnincorporated area
Vaudreuil-Soulanges QuebecGeographical area
Vaudreuil-Soulanges QuebecOther municipal/district area - major agglomeration
Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac QuebecTown
Vaughan Bay OntarioBay
Vaughan Channel OntarioChannel
Vaughan Creek British ColumbiaRiver
Vaughan Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Vaughan Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Vaughan Lake OntarioLake
Vaughan Lake OntarioLake
Vaughan Lake OntarioLake
Vaughan River Nova ScotiaRiver
Vaughan River OntarioRiver
Vaughan Survey OntarioUnincorporated area
Vaughan OntarioCity
Vaughan OntarioGeographical area
Vaughan OntarioOther municipal/district area - miscellaneous
Vaughan Nova ScotiaUnincorporated area
Vaughan OntarioUnincorporated area
Vaughans Cove Nova ScotiaBay
Vaughans Lake Nova ScotiaLake
Vaughans River Nova ScotiaRiver
Vaughn Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vaughn Meadows AlbertaLow vegetation
Vaulin Creek OntarioRiver
Vaulin Lake OntarioLake
Vault Brook Nova ScotiaRiver
Vaupel Lake OntarioLake
Vauquelin QuebecGeographical area
Vauquelin QuebecUnincorporated area
Vauréal QuebecMiscellaneous campsite
Vautour New BrunswickUnincorporated area
Vautrin QuebecUnincorporated area
Vauvert QuebecUnincorporated area
Vaux Glacier British ColumbiaGlacier
Vaux Island OntarioIsland
Vauxhall AlbertaTown
Vavenby Mountain British ColumbiaMountain
Vavenby British ColumbiaUnincorporated area
Vawn SaskatchewanHamlet

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)

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