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Cracau - Crussow
Name State Feature
Cracau Sachsen-AnhaltAdministrative division
Cracau Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Cradefeld SachsenPopulated place
Craiburg BayernPopulated place
Crailsheim Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Crailsheim Baden-WürttembergAirfield
Crailsheimer Hart Baden-WürttembergArea
Craimar ThüringenPopulated place
Craimoos BayernPopulated place
Craimoos-Weiher BayernLake
Crainfeld HessenPopulated place
Craintal Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Cramberg Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Cramme NiedersachsenPopulated place
Cramon Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Cramon Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Cramoner Buchen Mecklenburg-VorpommernForest(s)
Cramoner See Mecklenburg-VorpommernLake
Cramoner See Mecklenburg-VorpommernLake
Cramonshagen Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Crampas Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Crandorf SachsenPopulated place
Cranenburg Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Crange Nordrhein-WestfalenSection of populated place
Crantsperg BayernPopulated place
Cranz HamburgSection of populated place
Cranzahl SachsenPopulated place
Crassensee Sachsen-AnhaltLake
Cratza SachsenPopulated place
Cratzenbach HessenPopulated place
Craula ThüringenPopulated place
Craupe BrandenburgPopulated place
Crauschwitz Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Crawinkel ThüringenPopulated place
Creez BayernPopulated place
Crefeld Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Creglingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Creidlitz BayernPopulated place
Crellenhain SachsenPopulated place
Cremitz BrandenburgDitch
Cremitz BayernPopulated place
Cremlingen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Cremzow BrandenburgPopulated place
Crensitz SachsenPopulated place
Cresbach Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Cressin See Mecklenburg-VorpommernLake
Cretzschwitz ThüringenPopulated place
Creunitz ThüringenPopulated place
Creussen BayernPopulated place
Creussen BayernStream
Creuszen BayernPopulated place
Creuzburg ThüringenPopulated place
Creypau Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Crien Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Criesbach Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Criewen BrandenburgPopulated place
Crildumer Tief NiedersachsenStream
Crildumersiel NiedersachsenPopulated place
Crimla ThüringenPopulated place
Crimmitschau SachsenPopulated place
Crimmitschau-Gablenz SachsenPopulated place
Crimmitschau-Rudelswalde SachsenSection of populated place
Crimmitshau SachsenPopulated place
Crimvitz Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Crinitz BrandenburgPopulated place
Crinitz-Berg SachsenHill
Crinitzer Wasser SachsenStream
Crinitzleithen SachsenPopulated place
Crispendorf ThüringenPopulated place
Crispenhofen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Critzum NiedersachsenPopulated place
Crivitz Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Crivitzer See Mecklenburg-VorpommernLake
Crobern SachsenPopulated place
Crochern Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Crock ThüringenPopulated place
Crocker-Berg ThüringenHill
Croffelbach Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Croisensee Germany (general)Lake
Crollwitz Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Crolpa Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Cronberg in Taunus HessenPopulated place
Cronenberg Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Cronenberg Nordrhein-WestfalenSection of populated place
Cronheim BayernPopulated place
Cronhutte Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Cronsberg Mecklenburg-VorpommernFarm
Cronsbostel NiedersachsenPopulated place
Cronschwitz ThüringenPopulated place
Cronskamp Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Crosliner See Mecklenburg-VorpommernLagoon
Crossen SachsenPopulated place
Crossen SachsenPopulated place
Crossinsee Germany (general)Lake
Crosta SachsenPopulated place
Crostau SachsenPopulated place
Crosten ThüringenPopulated place
Crostewitz SachsenPopulated place
Crostwitz SachsenPopulated place
Crotenlaide SachsenPopulated place
Crotta SachsenPopulated place
Crottendorf BayernPopulated place
Crottendorf SachsenPopulated place
Croustillier BrandenburgPopulated place
Croya NiedersachsenPopulated place
Cruchern Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Cruchten Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Crumbach SachsenPopulated place
Crumbach HessenPopulated place
Crumpa Sachsen-AnhaltPopulated place
Crumstadt HessenPopulated place
Crussow BrandenburgPopulated place

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

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