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Ofden - Oftinghausen
Name State Feature
Ofden Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Ofen BayernFarm
Ofen BayernPopulated place
Ofen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Ofen-Berg HessenHill
Ofen-Tal BayernValley
Ofenbach Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Ofenberg Baden-WürttembergFarm
Ofenberg BayernMountain
Ofener Bach NiedersachsenStream
Ofenerdiek NiedersachsenPopulated place
Ofenerfeld NiedersachsenPopulated place
Ofenschwarz BayernFarm
Ofental-Hornl BayernPeak
Ofental-Schneid BayernRidge(s)
Ofentaler Berg BayernHill
Ofenwald Baden-WürttembergForest(s)
Ofenwinkel BayernPopulated place
Ofenwinkl BayernFarm
Oferdingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Ofersbach Baden-WürttembergFarm
Offdilln HessenPopulated place
Offelten Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Offen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offen-Berg HessenHill
Offenau Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Offenau Schleswig-HolsteinPopulated place
Offenau Schleswig-HolsteinStream
Offenau Schleswig-HolsteinPopulated place
Offenbach am Glan Rheinland-PfalzSection of populated place
Offenbach an der Queich Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offenbach HessenPopulated place
Offenbach HessenPopulated place
Offenbach Baden-WürttembergPopulated locality
Offenbach Rheinland-PfalzSection of populated place
Offenbach HessenThird-order administrative division
Offenbach Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offenbach-Hundheim Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offenbau BayernPopulated place
Offenberg BayernPopulated place
Offenberg Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Offenburg Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Offenburg Baden-WürttembergAirfield
Offenbuttel Schleswig-HolsteinPopulated place
Offenbutteler Moor Schleswig-HolsteinMoor(s)
Offendorf Schleswig-HolsteinPopulated place
Offendorf BayernPopulated place
Offenham BayernFarm
Offenham BayernPopulated place
Offenhausen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Offenhausen BayernPopulated place
Offenhausen BayernPopulated place
Offenheim Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offenod BayernPopulated place
Offensen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offensen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offensen NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offenstatter BayernFarm
Offenstetten BayernPopulated place
Offenthal HessenPopulated place
Offenthal Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offentief Mecklenburg-VorpommernChannel
Offenwang BayernPopulated place
Offenwarden NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offenwardermoor NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offer-Bach Nordrhein-WestfalenStream
Offermannsberg Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Offermannsheide Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Offersdorf BayernPopulated place
Offhausen Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offheim HessenPopulated place
Offingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Offingen BayernPopulated place
Offleben NiedersachsenPopulated place
Offling BayernPopulated place
Offlum Nordrhein-WestfalenPopulated place
Offnadingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Offstein Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Offweilerhof Rheinland-PfalzPopulated place
Ofingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Oflingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Oflings Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Ofner BayernFarm
Ofner-Alpe BayernHut
Ofnerspitze Germany (general)Mountain
Ofnerspitze Germany (general)Mountain
Oftenhaven Mecklenburg-VorpommernPopulated place
Ofterdingen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Ofterdinger Berg Baden-WürttembergHill
Ofteringen Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Ofterschwang BayernPopulated place
Oftersheim Baden-WürttembergPopulated place
Oftinghausen NiedersachsenPopulated place

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

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